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  1. Sure let send you a link
  2. ThemeTentUK plugin - I've contacted him to see what causing the issue.
  3. NeoWin is a massive community, been around years! Not sure if it's helpful but nice to see they're still using IPB. Forum Statistics 957,797 Total Topics 11,889,362 Total Posts Member Statistics 350,181 Total Members 73,912 Most Online
  4. Hi @Theme Tent UK This plugin is currently effecting Taman's theme, the sub menu on the nav bar makes the menu go towards the top of the page instead of the bottom.
  5. Afternoon Taman, I'm still getting the nav bar going toward the top of the page. This is on a fresh install of the theme, both on FF and safari (both Windows/Mac). Update: it's the Social Icons plugin that's caused the issue, will get on to the maker.
  6. Solved by having to reinstall the theme fresh, once again. I know it's not your issue but my god it's bloody annoying.
  7. Now the nav bar sub menu go upwards and not downwards too.
  8. Have an issue with the footer, the quick links are on top of each other now and not next to each other no matter the width.
  9. Worked perfectly! Many thanks.
  10. Have you got the CSS code to make it like this?
  11. I have the same issue, a fix would be great.
  12. Cheers, use to keep having to manually edit the template on most updates to my skin!
  13. You could make use of the slider and have it show guest messages.
  14. That's a very narrow minded out look... Such features should and will apply to all ages. However, it will indeed be a very welcomed feature that will have a lot of outcomes
  15. I'm looking to buy this sometime in the very near future when I've finished setting up my site. An idea I have is to be able to have a quiz and at the end have it calculate percentage and be able to select an option out of 4/5/6 possibilities. For Example: The Topic - What spirit animal are you? (Otter, Dog, Wolf, Fox) I would then list around 10/15 questions, each answer depending on what you pick will then select what you would be classed as. Question 1 What do you want to be when you grow up? Possible Selections An artist A scientist A business person An athlete Questions 2 Where would you like to live? Possible Selections In the city You would like to travel In the country In the forest So at the end you'd have the system tell you what you are out of 4 possible selections Wolf Dog Otter Fox Obviously each possible answer from the above questions would relate to a particular animal. This can of course be related to any question. An example of how it works on other sites: Click here to see a quiz I understand this might be some work, but if it proves popular with others I would be happy to help fund this feature if you would ever consider it. Thanks for your time Adriano.