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  1. Why can't IPS offer this as a separate package and we host it ourself with unlimited users? Why was it sold as a limited chat app and then priced to add more users? This way IPS can keep the app and change it to suit self hosted needs and keep the money from it's use. (I'm sure there must be a lot of work involved to change it, but surely that keeps everyone happy and they still make money).
  2. Would the sidebar block be able to updated so I could pick what packages to show? If I just wanted to show just 'wanted' adverts only for example.
  3. Works exactly as intended! Like the above, this may end up being my most used plugin...
  4. What a nice man you are! Purchased. Thank you.
  5. Brilliant, thanks Adriano. Have you taken over this project?
  6. Be very interested in buying is the above issues are correct and the name changes across the whole board. Do this change in the SQL database to? Thanks
  7. Could you consider to be able to add images to the title bars (as an image upload)? After all the CSS help you gave me, I thought this might be an interesting feature that many could use. (If it's possible to do)
  8. With commerce you can, you can setup up the contact us button to act as a support ticket. You'll find the option in AdminCP.
  9. Morning/Afternoon, Is there a chance IPS can add release patches to the front dashboard on AdminCP, maybe as a widget? I've always missed released patches unless I look for them. I happened to come across the latest 4 simply because I wanted to refresh the cache. Having it on the dashboard like Latest IPS NEWS would be very much welcomed! Diagnostics System check passed You are running the latest version, but there are known issues: An issue has been identified where certain hooks may stop working on 4.1.19. If you are having problems with some third party plugins or applications, upload this file: system/Theme/Theme.php If you are encountering problems with services that rely on outbound connections such as Sparkpost, Gravatar, RSS Imports etc please upload the following files: system/Http/Request/Curl.php system/Http/Request/Sockets.php If you are encountering an issue where the "Recalculating members' content count" background process never finishes, please upload the following file: applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/RecountMemberContent.php If you encounter an issue where not all forums are displayed when attempting to split posts or perform other similar actions, please upload the following file: system/Helpers/Form/Node.php
  10. Download the recount file and upload it along with the others. This message should be in your AdminCP if you click something is not right.
  11. Is it possible to have the slider in number form? Let's say I have slider #5, and I wish to change it to #1, I could just move it up or have it re-numbered? This would save having to copy and past the text, etc. I'm sure they do! What er, em, interesting website you have.
  12. Ease of use, always had a modern feel and everything has always been laid out nicely and so it's simple to use. I've been using IPB in one way or another since v1.3. I really got started using 2.1.x. I've tried others, but IPB feels like... Home.
  13. Some oldies from early 2000's
  14. This breaks the slider on desktop view, and is there a way to show the breadcrumb but hide ipsList_inline ipsPos_right too?