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  1. Aufstieg und schon sooooooooo feiern,dass man sogar das Avatar wechselt?:D

    1. TheSonic


      Ja, die kommende Woche ist rot-weiss bei uns :):wub: Feiern tun wir schon seit gestern xDxD






  2. And, we have also https://invisionpower.com/developers/rest-api
  3. 4BugTrack Link

    Be sure to read all the provisions for beta releases in the client area on the screen where you download the betas. The link to the bug tracker along with a lot of other important information is there.
  4. New: Clubs

    Yes, it's part of the converter app.
  5. Thanks for testing 4.2

  6. Invision Community 4.2

    Clubs is part of the Core Application, which needs to be enabled in your ACP
  7. I assume that was only a minor issue while the upgrade of this community to 4.2 .It should work again.
  8. Login Logs

  9. New installation is a nightmare!

    1h for an installation? There's definitely something wrong. Could you clarify what errors you got while the installation?
  10. Members can't HIDE files in Downloads

    It's only a per group setting in 4.2
  11. Members can't HIDE files in Downloads

    It was mentioned several times and it's strange that nobody noticed it on the 4.2 admin demo.. anyway, please fasten your seatbelt before we proceed here..
  12. vB to IPB/IPS

    The converter application is now included in IPS4, when downloading IPS4, you'll be asked if you want to include it.
  13. New: Fluid Forum View

    Do you mean pinned topics?