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  1. I hope you don't mind to get some feedback for the GitHub code..;) 1. You should mention that it will include ALL topics;) It will even show hidden/soft deleted topics and also topics from forums which the user is probably not allowed to see. 2. You should add the app and type to the query because the core_reputation_index table can have more then a row with the same item_id ( e.g. topic 1 and blog entry 1 will both have the same item_id in the core_reputation_index table 'likes' => \IPS\Db::i()->select('COUNT(id)', 'core_reputation_index', ['item_id=?', $_dbTopic])->first()
  2. Sorry, you're right. That's only available in the ACP.
  3. You can search already tickets by the content and title field
  4. Strange. Captcha is included in the status report form and to comments, but not to the "item" report forms. I think that this was only an oversight and have fixed this.
  5. Were the data from IPS or 3rd party apps?
  6. That's the correct behaviour. Status Posts, Messages and Support Requests won't increment the post count
  7. You can set the NO_WRITES constant, which will disallow following features in the ACP Edit: Sorry, haven't noticed that it was already mentioned https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/435102-remove-sql-toolbox-and-downloading-member-list/?do=findComment&comment=2673007
  8. Please submit a ticket next time when you find such issue.It's easier for us to handle this direct via a ticket.
  9. thx, also already fixed.
  10. also already fixed
  11. I'm not aware of any plugin, but we have the "Pages" Application, which provides similar features. Could you clarify what you're exactly expecting from a wiki?
  12. thx. I have fixed the javascript issue a while ago, and the Db Table Helper is now also fixed.
  13. Yes, we have started a new documentation area https://invisionpower.com/developers which contains already a lot more then the old, and we're still working on several new tutorials :)
  14. No, it won't let them register Edit: Sorry, I just remember that this was broken and that I fixed this for 4.1.17.
  15. You can do this already with the ban filter.