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  1. The converter application is now included in IPS4, when downloading IPS4, you'll be asked if you want to include it.
  2. Do you mean pinned topics?
  3. Rikki meant our pages application https://invisionpower.com/features/apps#pages
  4. Exactly.
  5. Me too. I've never drunk so much coke zero and red bull, as at the meeting.
  6. Everything from the BBQ, specially everything from a lamb👌 Non alcoholic drinks : Only water ATM, I've stopped drinking everything else Alcoholic drinks: Wine,Beer, Mojito/Margarita (they share both the 3rd place) Lie to me, Big Bang Theory, That '70s Show (discovered it last week on netflix and got addicted to it, it's my new favorite:D )
  7. Name Changes can already be seen on the profile with the proper permissions! That's part of the core since oct/nov last year. Make sure that the "Can view Display Name History" group permission is set.
  8. Yes https://invisionpower.com/features/apps Our marketplace is using the downloads application
  9. Yes, we have also a 3rd party application for this
  10. This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release In IPS Community Suite 4.2 we have added a bunch of new settings for the Downloads Index Page. Downloads Index Page - Settings With 4.2 you'll be able to hide any of the boxes. Hidden Most Downloads Box Another often requested feature was that people want to be able to choose the categories from where the files should be fetched This way you'll be able to hide files from some very old categories. Hidden Categories
  11. You don't need to download the converters anymore, they're now part of the IPS4 Suite.
  12. My moment was, when I realized that I've created a blog entry with "daniel test 123" (or some similar, stupid content) in the companies announcements blog which was used for news instead of my test board... We deleted it quite quick, but the notification email was sent to A LOT of people 🙈
  13. I had also photography as hobby, but I've kind of lost the interest into it. Another of my hobbies which I gave up last week are bonsais (ATM I'm selling all my camera stuff and most of my bonsais) And as somebody living in the alps, I'm also a mountain bike & climbing freak
  14. We all have this problem @Lindy hit the nail on the head:
  15. THIS! I'll never forget the first time meeting Rikki (it was literally the second time but the first time doesn't count:D ) , where he got out of his car, with a case of Coke Zero... and he was surrounded by it all the time