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  1. My moment was, when I realized that I've created a blog entry with "daniel test 123" (or some similar, stupid content) in the companies announcements blog which was used for news instead of my test board... We deleted it quite quick, but the notification email was sent to A LOT of people 🙈
  2. I had also photography as hobby, but I've kind of lost the interest into it. Another of my hobbies which I gave up last week are bonsais (ATM I'm selling all my camera stuff and most of my bonsais) And as somebody living in the alps, I'm also a mountain bike & climbing freak
  3. We all have this problem @Lindy hit the nail on the head:
  4. THIS! I'll never forget the first time meeting Rikki (it was literally the second time but the first time doesn't count:D ) , where he got out of his car, with a case of Coke Zero... and he was surrounded by it all the time
  5. I have a similar feature which prefers to sleep on my lap:( It was quite nice while it was cold😂, now it's annoying but he doesn't give a shit.
  6. We're really sorry for this. This should be fixed shortly ( Also mentioned in https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/436422-client-area-showing-configuration-error/ )
  7. That was just a quick setup this weekend. Hadn't expected to get them delivered so fast. That's a quite old, broken dual monitor arm, but it worked better for me then the default stand.
  8. My recent setup till I get my macOS sucks phase 😂
  9. I hope you don't mind to get some feedback for the GitHub code..;) 1. You should mention that it will include ALL topics;) It will even show hidden/soft deleted topics and also topics from forums which the user is probably not allowed to see. 2. You should add the app and type to the query because the core_reputation_index table can have more then a row with the same item_id ( e.g. topic 1 and blog entry 1 will both have the same item_id in the core_reputation_index table 'likes' => \IPS\Db::i()->select('COUNT(id)', 'core_reputation_index', ['item_id=?', $_dbTopic])->first()
  10. Sorry, you're right. That's only available in the ACP.
  11. You can search already tickets by the content and title field
  12. Strange. Captcha is included in the status report form and to comments, but not to the "item" report forms. I think that this was only an oversight and have fixed this.
  13. Were the data from IPS or 3rd party apps?
  14. That's the correct behaviour. Status Posts, Messages and Support Requests won't increment the post count
  15. You can set the NO_WRITES constant, which will disallow following features in the ACP Edit: Sorry, haven't noticed that it was already mentioned https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/435102-remove-sql-toolbox-and-downloading-member-list/?do=findComment&comment=2673007