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  1. It works! Thanks for your quick help!
  2. Hello TAMAN, On the recent updates, I found that line truncate option on the article slider did not work for unknown reason. The previous theme version (2.0.0) works fine. I even tried to delete and freshly install the current theme version and also its pages_templates.xml with no success. Please help.
  3. Hello @TAMAN, On the latest theme version (2.0.1) and IPS, at the staff directory page. The "edit information" button went missing. It was appeared before upgrade. I already discussed with IPS staff and they indicide your theme as the root cause of this issue. Please help.
  4. Many thanks! The cover photo issue on mobile is also fixed now.
  5. Hello, I just updated your plugin but I found that the dual avatar display bug still exist. I have to comment this line on core>front>global>userBar of the Theme's HTML and CSS template in order to fix it. <li id='cUserLink'> <!-- {template="userPhoto" group="global" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::loggedIn(), 'tiny'"} --> <a href='#elUserLink_menu' id='elUserLink' data-ipsMenu> {{if isset( $_SESSION['logged_in_as_key'] )}}{lang="front_logged_in_as" sprintf="$_SESSION['logged_in_from']['name']"} {{endif}}{member="name"} <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i> </a> Also, my previous reported issue on the member profile's cover picture is not working on mobile still occurring on this new version. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I just updated to V 2.0.0. Very nice slider! However, I found that the social icon went missing. Did I forgot anything on these new configurations? Thank you.
  7. Sure. Here are the template list I have. EDIT: This database configuration works for me at this moment. Article Template: S1 Two Column Listing Template: S1 Two Column First Featured Display Template S1 Two Column First Featured If I attempt to changed the article template to S1 Two Column First Featured, the homepage will crash.
  8. Of course, I tried and reinstalling it many time with no luck. What could be a cause of this issue? It worked pretty fine on your previous theme version.
  9. Hello Taman, I noticed that you added the different article styles license to my account after the new Magnum theme update (thanks!), so I will use this thread to report issue related to the article style instead. After Magnum theme 2.0.0, I reinstalled this article style using the instruction provided in the application download page. (on my IPS of course) After template and plug-in installation went successful, I found that on "S1 Two Column First Featured" template, it shows a fatal error on the article template (home page) like this: However, on the other templates, such as "S1 Two Column" or "S1 Three Column First Featured", it has no issue. Am I do anything wrong during the upgrade process? Thank you in advance for your support.
  10. At first, I thought that I violated the IPS community rule at some sort. (and have to open service ticket after that)
  11. Nintendo always bring us new innovations and be a pioneer of gaming industry, and this console is no exception. The handheld console that has a home console's capibilities and could allow more players to interact in a single console is very cool idea! Also, the "swichable" control stick allows us to play game during the long journey without holding entire console in the palm. Now, the only things I would like to know is its battery life and software backward compatibility with old Nintendo console. I owned all of the recent Nintendo comsoles at this moment (Wii (formerly), GameBoy, Wii U, 3DS) and I am a big fan of Nintendo games for a very long time. So yes, I will definitely grab this once it came out on next March!
  12. I just came across to this thread when I did a quick peek on those competitive forum softwares's progress. (VB, XF, WBB, etc.) When I saw new WBB Suite 3.0 on their beta site as jacboy mentioned, I fell like "damn, that is too strange to be coincidence but their new software design is the same as IPS!" So yes, copycat like everyone said. And at least someone is going to move out from IPB to WBB for this! I just don't understand. (just my 2¢)
  13. Thank you very much. For the records, this issue did not occurred on 1.0.6 since most of my members are only has a single member group, including me. It will not occred when you select "All Groups" in the "Who can see?" setting. (Obviously )
  14. Hi Taman, I just uploaded your new theme version and found that the permission did not detect correctly in case that the user do not have a secondary group and the slider permission select only some member groups including the primary group of that user. For example, Let's say I am a member of Administrators group and have no secondary group. Then, create a slider and select all groups except "Guests" in the "Who can see?" setting. The slider will not show for my user as intended. However, if I assigned my user into the "Members" group as secondary, the slider will then showed up. Please help.
  15. I upgraded from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 using "Upload a new version" function. (IPS The upgrade went smoothly. My custom CSS is still working with the new theme version. No problem so far. The footer area looks much cleaner. The new slider permission setting is pretty useful too. Thanks for the update!