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  1. If achieve page load speeds as xenforo, I'm getting married on IPS
  2. When download the release in client area
    This is exactly what should be in IPS4 from the box! Thanks
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Winter holiday 2017 Theme Winter holiday 2017 designed especially for a good winter mood. Theme has a few features and fully responsive and mobile friendly. Features On/Off snow on front-end; Choosing the type of snow: Simple; Round; Flakes with shadow; Round with shadow; Snowdrift on Primary Nav; Snow images 1-3. Pre-defined snow images. On/Off holiday font. This theme is free, C Новым Годом!


  4. the same must be enabled in the list
  5. Version 1.0.3


    Russian translation of the application Classifieds System. INFO: You can help us with the translation of application, offering its own version of the translation of any phrase. To do this, read the following page: We will be glad to any manifestation of activity to help us. Thanks. Translations of other applications you can download on the page For Russian Speakers -------- Полный перевод версии 1.0.3. ИНФО: Вы можете помочь нам с переводом приложения, предложив свою собственную версию перевода любой фразы. Для этого, прочитайте следующую страницу: Мы будем рады любому проявлению активности для помощи нам. Спасибо. Переводы других приложения вы можете скачать на странице


  6. Version 1.0.0


    Plugin (inw) Hide Sidebar allow members to hide/show sidebar on your community. In plugin settings you can select users, who can hide sidebar.


  7. Its good day. My congratulations
  8. I'm not saying that they must, therefore, not referring to their guarantees. However, a good tone in the company to be a commentary on the customer's question, the more important question. Moreover, there is a special staff member! That is, do you think it is right to have a home page of database with full containing all the pages, or the topic with full contents of the article? Really? And if you look at the created topic that created when you add record to the database, there is also canonical-url, which indicates that the topic will take precedence over the article. This is a big mistake that searchers perceive is not good! Please understand this question before entering into an argument with me
  9. Consider two situations: 1) I am wrong I have rights as a customer of the company to comment about the situation by support staff? I have every right, however, they decided to keep quiet. 2) Concerning penalties From pages of Google Help: IN IPS4 canonicalization is not used, so the content is considered a duplicate. And this is a bad tone for the site ...
  10. I think the staff recognizes the error, but does not want to correct
  11. I think it's not a bug, it is fundamentally wrong work to cut content. On this nobody cares as long as the sites do not fall under sanctions
  12. I gave a simple example of a single record. If many records - to the site may be subject to penalties for duplicate content. This is a big problem, I do not understand why nobody cares for it
  13. Dear staff. The problem is serious, why there is no response? @Lindy, @Matt, @Charles, @Rikki ?
  14. I added an entry in the application Pages: Content articles are cut off, but the source code is displayed full article content: This is fundamentally wrong decision cutoff content, because for this can be penalized by Google. What do you think?