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  1. Buy some (Amazon) servers and use them. Provide free and premium plans for IPB customers and profit.
  2. Required functionality: "Image Lazy Load"

    Yeah, most likely 4.2.5 or 4.3.
  3. Hover Effect Over Installed Plugins

    - Small bump without mentioning anyone from staff -
  4. Required functionality: "Image Lazy Load"

    I see it now. Could have sworn it wasn't there before or maybe I just never paid attention.
  5. Required functionality: "Image Lazy Load"

    Which tag? Also, this might be a good solution and SEO friendly https://github.com/dinbror/blazy @Rhett
  6. New: SEO Improvements

  7. 4BugTrack Link

    It's hidden from public view
  8. Hover Effect Over Installed Plugins

    Yeah, I don't use Pages but this would be a useful addition to anywhere where there's a list like the Plugins one.
  9. Hover Effect Over Installed Plugins

    I get paranoid and double check what plugin I'm clicking on. I have to drag my mouse from left to the right part. To make sure I'm uninstalling or updating the correct plugin. Although I believe IPS4 already has something that prevents you from uploading a different update file to a different plugin.
  10. It's a small thing but it would help not messing things up if the list of plugins had a small color change on hover effect so you know which button for which plugin you're actually clicking.
  11. Webm/GifV

    webms are not supported on iOS so gifv is better or a video file is better.
  12. Can't it just be bypassed by creating multiple accounts then?
  13. Chatbox Extender

    When will we be getting the new awesome features?
  14. iAwards

    Awarding multiple users at the same time would come in handy.