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  1. Well that's good!
  2. Why doesn't IPS have the option to disable newly registered members from automatically posting or at least embedding links on a post? Or is it already available and I'm just stupid? Almost all of the time, newly registered members have no reason to post links unless of course, it's either spam, or malicious. We should at least have a minimum post limit before being able to link or embed links. It's safer for everyone that way. Or even better, have the option to put posts made by new members which have links in them under mod review before displaying to the public. I just feel this is something useful and necessary and I just haven't seen anything or noticed any option nor plugin.
  3. And while we're at it, maybe add more configurations to Stripe gateway as they support more types of payments rather than just Credit Cards. BitCoin and Apple Pay being two of them!
  4. Ah right! Each member would have to enable it individually whereas the plugin automatically makes them ON by default. It's still useful. Thanks!
  5. Is this still required or has IPS4 updated something so we can toggle these options without the plugin?
  6. Oops! I hope they don't find the nudes I keep sending!
  7. If I recall correctly. I remember Lindy saying something like this would be coming on 4.2. Don't take my word for it.
  8. I had issues with SparkPost also so I just disabled it and started using local server to send emails and made sure all my emails are sent properly and comply with various sending rules. mail-tester.com No issues so far since.
  9. Awesome!
  10. What a time to be alive!
  11. Question. Is this an upgrade from IPB3's RSS Feed feature? If yes, would the settings transfer over? Would the same RSS Export URL be kept?
  12. Testing CTRL+ENTER feature I like it!
  13. Will we lose all previous mods?
  14. It's not like there's just Gyazo out there. There's multiple similar sites and tools. While you might prefer Gyazo, someone else might hate it and like prntscr.com more. I doubt IPS will add this.
  15. Awesome! Can't wait! I sent you a PM.