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  1. So, shall we update to the new version? Or wait for IPS to fix the issue related to FURLs?
  2. Not only that. Try mark forum as read and unfollow someone with the app installed.
  3. How will that look if the administrator has added all the social sign in options? lol Also including the ones inside the Marketplace
  4. Thank you, Kevin!
  5. If you install Path Aliases by Kevin, it also has the same option as this plugin and says in the switch description "When enabled, trailing slashes used on core IPS4 furls will be automatically removed for cosmetic effect." Note the cosmetic effect part.
  6. So it's best to just roll with IPS has done? Considering most of us have updated from IPB3, Google must have been redirected plenty of times.
  7. I've also seen most sites don't have that trailing slash. Even IPB3 itself. If you visit the non-slash URL, it will 301 redirect you to the trailing slash URL. Not sure here.
  8. Are there any SEO benefits to this? Would be great to get a reply from you! Always love your work!
  9. Author is currently very busy to add new features. Won't likely happen anytime soon. I wouldn't want to show a post preview but as long as I'm able to hide it with CSS if it's added, then I'll be good. @CherryGirl69
  10. Already includes all previous security fixes.
  11. Maybe it conflicts with my other plugins?
  12. 4.1.19, the latest. If you want an admin login, let me know!
  13. Yes! When?
  14. No update yet?
  15. Anything to release some stress and workload for you.