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  1. Hello, I need some help. I use Thumbnails, but sometimes the thumbnail is not generated.
    good aplication, but there are always problems with the updates and the support.is very bad,
  2. You can't give a award to Multiple members in the ACP i
  3. Added ability to award mutlple members at same time (new setting - up to 30 members) why award mutlple members is not enable in ACP ? :
  4. Thanks. I think it's a very welcome feature.
  5. Hello, Can you add the possibility to give a award to multiple users ?
  6. after update: Who Was OnlineEnabled Version: 1.0.2 same version ?
  7. I think it's in good hands...
  8. good question...
  9. yes, that was the problem, but i think that was the update that removed that permissions.
  10. yes, i have the same problem. where is that option ?
    A must to have ! The support is 5 stars
  11. ok, thanks
  12. done
  13. do you need a account with full admin ?