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    5 stars. It's really helpful. Thank onlyME for your work and great support.
  1. You can sync your system time and date with ntp (Network Time Protocol) over a network or internet. Normally ntp should be installed to your Linux system as default, in case your system does not have ntp, you can easily install ntp package with a simple command. To install ntp on Ubuntu, Linux or debian based distribitions # apt-get update # apt-get install ntp To install ntp on Fedora, Centos or redhat based distribitions # yum install ntp After you set your timezone correcly, you should be able to synce your date and time with ntp command # ntpdate Hope this will help.
  2. Yes. I have the same request but no one can help: - Members can delete/edit others' replies on their own topic.
  3. Me too. Ajouz ♞
  4. stoo2000 I have a problem Mini-map on users profile page : not scroll