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  1. I think that current moderator's permissions form is unclear. I think that dissapearing tabs is very bad idea. This is initial state of form: And there is full form: I think that tabs and toggles shouldn't disappear and/or you need add an info message "how-to work with this form".
    Works as expected in all IPS apps, but not works in the Chatbox
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin allows each member to set cover photo height for their own profile. This setting placed in "Account Settings". In plugin settings (ACP) administrators can set max and min height of covers.


  3. This is not a solution. Big topics will be partially corrupted while rebuilding in process.
  4. You used cron or you have runned tasks from ACP's mainpage?
  5. own opinion for your post and whole situation. Is it better? (>_>) How IPS need "check" developers? Or you suggesting InvisionPower release their code for free usage?
  6. License cost IS NOT entrance fee. Developer can't develop his extension w/o engine which is non-free. So he not need access to Marketplace if he wasn't purchased license. No comments... Well, I'm not sure, for example. See #1. If user wasn't purchased license, he hasn't an copy of engine (or he has nulled copy). IPS is not accepting nulls so why IPS need provide access to marketplace for null users? See #1. If you want develop an extension, you need a copy of engine. (What about computer's frameworks like Unity3D and Unreal Engine (examples) which is paid? Devs buying this frameworks before starting an project). Not proved. How cost applies to quality? Yes, because it is an "enterprise-level" solution. If you need lower-leveled solutions, go to phpBB, WordPress and so on. OK... Nulls users will just buy extensions from marketplace (see #2). P.s. All this text is only my own opinion.
    Excellent theme and quick support. Thank you!
  7. The same question. When loading page, my browser sending a number of HTTP requests for js and css, which takes some time. Why not compile root js and css to one file and save it to cache for reducing number of requests? Root js and css loads on every page loading. Answer from IPS Staff will be very appreciated.
  8. If you will not learn about this records, you will not understand what they're mean for SMTP-servers and how it affect SPAM-rating of e-mail.
  9. You should learn what is TXT-SPF record and what is TXT-DKIM record before asking questions about sending e-mails. Also, if you not remember, Mandrill asked for changing this records on initial setup. And any another mailing service asking for this, otherwise all e-mails will be moved to SPAM folder on recieving.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin makes available staff members to create missing support topic for file.


  11. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin makes available downloading translations for each application separately. Useful for translators.


    Very helpful application for developers and designers.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Shows a list of live broadcasts. How it works You need input channels list in block settings and if channels broadcasting now, they will appear in the block. Additional functions Player for broadcast in the modal window on your site. Just click streamer's name and you will see the player. "Status" checking (status is a string where streamer describe his broadcast). You can enter a phrase that will be searched at the stream status. If this phrase doesn’t exist at the status, stream won’t appear in the block. Sort by amount of viewers or sort by order, as in the list. Limit of channels to show in block.