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  1. Thank you for the amazing help! Now I use your application.
  2. Thanks! I used FAR to upload files by FTP. Now I used cPanel and file manager. I uploaded a ZIP file and extracted to necessary folder. It seems that FAR worked incorrectly due to very long file path (too much sub-folders inside). Now I see your application! I can delete my posts if you want.
  3. Thanks for your quick response! Please look on two attached screenshots.
  4. I can't install this add-on. My /admin folder has another name on the server, so I manually uploaded /downloadsuploaddisclaimer folder to /myadminfolder/applications_addon/other/ And in Manage Applications & Modules I see no "...Applications Not Installed, you'll see Terms of Service. Click on Install link". All I see - my default applications (System, Forums, Members, Downloads) and nothing below.