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  1. New: Clubs

    Clubs are like sub-communities, with their own content and resources, and can be managed by regular members without requiring administrator involvement (and thus, no need to use the AdminCP). Let's say you run a site about video games and someone wants to be in charge of a particular game (or gaming series). Instead of you making an individual forum, blog, gallery, and downloads area, as well as granting them moderation privileges for those areas, the user can make a club. From a visitor perspective, jumping around the site to get from one area to another for the related content (say from forum to gallery), it requires a few clicks, or special links that, again, require ACP access to control. Using a club to control it, it's all right there. It also allows the user to control who is in the club, etc, without having to bug admins to make changes.
  2. New: Clubs

    There is a benefit to having a separate license for testing things, that being that you can use your primary license to test out stuff before adding it to your live site, while using the other license to have a 'live' and 'test' installs for testing out other things that you may not want to introduce to your main community, or that you may want to test with different settings, etc. Of course, if you ever open a second community, you'll already have the license and be locked in at the current renewal price for your suite.
  3. New: Clubs

    You may already be aware of this, but in case you aren't, you are permitted one test/dev install in addition to your live install (per license).
  4. New: Clubs

    You'll like it even more when you realize that I wasn't referring to the 'hardcoded' homepage, but rather a custom made page (via Content) that pulls from the Clubs blog posts.
  5. New: Clubs

    Why not just use blogs? You could have new blog posts showing up on a page that is like a central station for activity from clubs.
  6. New: Clubs

    If possible, might work better to have it be a global club setting, then per club, could be changed via the ACP, but not allow the member to change it on the front end. After all, when making a club, who would try to limit the size of their club? If given the option, most people would go for unlimited, and to go back and limit each club via the ACP could become a tedious task.
  7. New: Clubs

    I think what you are wanting is for the club owner (or club admis) to be able to, within reason, drag and drop content boxes to their own liking, with control over background, coloring, etc. It wouldn't surprise me if a future update allows the selecting of an included skin/theme to be chosen, that wouldn't necessarily be shown on the rest of the community. Also, wouldn't surprise me if customizable club pages were to become a thing as well, though I image it would be limited on what can be included and where it can be used. (For example, main content blocks may be limited to the main area, where as summary blocks, ie, latest topics, list of members, etc, are limited to a sidebar.) I think the best bet for people will be third party vendors, who provide plugins/etc that provide the desired functionality, though I would recommend keeping it simple, instead of becoming dependent on functions that may not continue to be updated.
  8. New: Clubs

    Last I remember, you can set it so that one person can create a blog, then they can manage those who can make entries on that blog. Basically, all members could make a blog entry, but only one group can create new blogs, and the one in charge of that would be the one who has that as a secondary group.
  9. New: Member History

    Would also help show if a support admin is doing things that they shouldn't, so helps protect the members in addition to being a potential 'debugging' tool.
  10. New: Member History

    There you go.
  11. New: Authy Integration

    So instead of using available tools and services, you want IPS to develop each and every feature made possible by those 3rd party products/services? May as well ask IPS to develop a web browser as well, instead of relying on other browser products that could go belly up without any notice. For receiving payments, IPS should also create their own version of PayPal, as well as credit card transaction handlers. I suppose you'd want cPanel and email related services as well. Why reinvent the wheel? What IPS is doing is reducing cost and development time by making use of third party content. The products/services are made with the expectation of being used by others, instead of everyone making their own. Not only makes it easier for companies to work more on their own products (while also reducing costs), but for the end user, there is more consistency with how things work. I understand your concern, as a third party 'going under' could be a crippling blow to a site, but I'm positive that the IPS staff researches vendors for reliability and quality, instead of just Googling for different services and picking one at random.
  12. New: Clubs

    So what you're saying is that instead of segregating it in one way, you want to do it but in a different way.
  13. New: Clubs

    I can see your concern, but the main purpose behind a groups like app is to have a single community that groups themselves into 'sub communities' . It allows one member to have a group that their family/friends/colleagues/etc can be a part of, under their direct control, instead of having to rely on a staff member to create different forums/galleries/etc and handle the access of the members. It also helps to keep the main community areas 'clutter free', which in turn can encourage someone to join the overall community if the site doesn't look overwhelming and complicated. Can you imagine a site that has 50+ clubs, with the forums to those clubs appearing on the main forums index page? As a guest who comes across that site, I would be like, "Wow, that's a long list, how will I ever find what I'm looking for?" If some of the groups have forums with similar interests/titles, then it's even worse... "Seems rather unorganized. I think I'll move on." That would be my feelings on it.
  14. New: Clubs

    See all the trouble you caused! Well, you already quoted the answer to your inquiry, so I guess you're happy now.
  15. New: Clubs

    We were both right and both wrong. You're right in that multiple forums are possible. The way it's done, multiple categories wouldn't make sense. It's just one simple menu. I think IPS took a simple but very smart approach to it.