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  1. As far as I can tell, this isn't possible, so I'm making it a request. When multiple custom fields are being used to alter the inventory/price of something, currently, the multiple fields are done in an "AND" fashion. So if using two custom fields, there are four rows to fill out (price/inventory for each). However, it would be nice if there was a way to have individual fields be independent of others or better yet, be able to choose which fields must be grouped together. Example: Someone is selling a shirt with a logo on it. As add-ons, there are four different bumper stickers and also four different refrigerator magnets to choose from. Let's say 20 of each item, so there are 80 bumper stickers (20 or each kind) and 80 magnets (20 of each kind). As is now: Would have 16 rows of fields to fill in, including quantity and price. However, can't put in that you have 20 of each in every box because that could potentially cause an over-purchase of one of the add-ons. Requested method: If fields could be separated, then it would be only eight rows to fill out. As an item is purchased, the inventory from two different fields is decreased. I know that different products could be made and then grouped, but that's creating an entirely new 'product' listing when the custom fields could have handled it much easier.
  2. To add.. I know about making a custom license key PHP file, the drawback to that is the more custom key files there are, the more cluttered the products editor page becomes. This idea would be for instances where the custom PHP code would be for one individual product, not multi-use.
  3. This is a two-fold request. First one is easy enough, grouping so that the view within the ACP is easier to look/sort through. If someone has multiple (but related) databases, it would make it easier to manage them if they are in the same area as they would all be together. Second one, a bit tougher and understandable if not implemented. A way to link the database group to a page. Similar to the {database} tag on a page now, just each database would branched off to it's own URL within it, sort of like categories within a database. Difference being that there wouldn't be a global list of categories or filters or anything that would span all the databases, would be more like an automatically generated page of links to the actual individual database pages, which could either be in the same URL structure or a custom one.
  4. In all honesty, I liked some of the songs he made, but other than that, wasn't a huge fan of his (not directly at least). However, he was a big influence among other artists and that influence (as well as assistance with material to use) is more widespread than many people realize. So a big loss, both to his fans and to the fans of others he helped behind the scenes. He died way too young.
  5. argh, I wrote this out and something fubar'd... Could of ideas that I'm sure Mark can easily handle, for new license key options for sold products. Custom PHP code Admin can write some PHP code and optionally use some supplied information like the member's ID number or name, generate a key and then return the result. Pick from a list of pregenerated keys I'm thinking this would be better as a (product) custom field. Sort of like a select box, except there would be a title and content box for each set of keys for the custom field. When editing the product, stock/pricing adjustments, the title would show, along with a count of the keys (empty lines ignored). For the quantity, admin is limited to a number from 0 to the max number of keys found (this would allow admin to prevent a few of the keys from being sold off for some reason, if desired). This would be useful if there are regular and pro versions of a product, where the product is listed as one item instead of multiple items, and pregenerated keys must be used instead of ones generated by Nexus. Hopefully that made sense and sound like worthwhile ideas to add. The custom PHP one I'm sure would be easy enough to add, it's the pregenerated list that I'm worried about.
  6. Born: June 7, 1958 Died: April 21, 2016
  7. Oh okay. I thought perhaps they meant uploading a file to the store itself. Thanks.
  8. I'm a little behind on what can be done in IPS 4.x so maybe I'm missing something but.. Users are able to sell stuff in IP.Nexus now? Sure you aren't using a plugin or app to add that functionality?
  9. Having this same issue with RC2.
  10. ​The only source you should listen to is the IPS site. If none of the staff have mentioned anything about a change in the licensing and pricing, then trust that it's going to remain the same. Worst I could see happening would be an increase in price for new licenses purchases. Existing license owners are in an agreement already and IPS has done it's very best to honor license agreements even when IPS might be losing out because of it. I am curious though, what other forums/sites are you referring to? Could you provide links where it's actually being said? Perhaps it could help in finding out why those "many forums and sites" are saying that.
  11. You can alter the way the friendly URL's appear, though I believe it best to leave them alone unless you are certain of the changes you are making. The reason that the topics have 'topic' in the URL is so that the software knows what type of URL it is and thus which app is being called on. After all, without something there, how does it know it should display a topic vs an image from the gallery or an entry from a blog?
  12. I believe that you are 'grandfathered' in to the $10/month price, meaning that for as long as you have that package, it's $10/month. If you get a new package, then you'll pay the new price. Edit: I just looked and the only thing different is the Basic 10 isn't offered anymore. The other plans appear to be the same. My guess is that IPS needed to stop offering the Basic 10 for business (financial) purposes. While it sucks, it's understandable in keeping overall costs down. That's if my guess is right though.
  13. This *might* fit your needs. You would need to change the format of the detected URL's, but other than that, it should work. It was made as a way for people who used an IPB SEO app (that went defunct) to have their URL's redirect back to the default IPS format. For your use, you might only have to change the URL's in the settings area, but if nothing else, someone you hire could tweak the code to work specifically for VBSEO URL's. ​http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3382-cseo-migration/
  14. If you read here, you'll find what you can and can't do with the software. ​http://www.invisionpower.com/legal/standards I've seen sites that deal with adult content and it's perfectly legit. For the most part, IPS isn't out to censor content that community administrators wish to put up, but at the same time, they don't want to be associated with certain extreme types of content (mostly illegal). If your content is going to just be adult (18+) and it's all legal/legit, then you should be just fine. You should also consider getting IP.Nexus as part of the package, as I'm sure you'll be selling memberships or other related content. For what it's worth, I have yet to hear or learn about a site that was removed (due to IPS) when it wasn't warranted and I've been using the software for a decade now.
  15. Do you know what version of ionCube is running on your server?