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  1. I'm not sure what you mean here. By performance do you mean loading time or something else?
  2. another reason why i go with Invision

    Thanks for the feedback and post it's always nice to hear!
  3. Fluid View Sidebar needs work

    As Rikki pointed out, if you have a complex, hierarchal format on your site then Fluid View may not be the best choice for your community. We are wary to complicate what is designed to be a simpler mode of browsing. This is why we give things options though. Not every feature is for every site
  4. Version 3 is EOL and does not receive updates (including security updates) and support. Using it is a security risk and you miss out on modern technology. I mean v3 was made before the iPhone existed so something as what is now basic - full mobile support - is not there. You are missing out on what is now required functionality on the modern web. I realize people hate change but as with all software things have to evolve. It does not work on PHP 7 and PHP 5 is also approaching EOL. So you are using a software that we (the makers) no longer support which can only run on a server-platform which is also nearly defunct. It's imperative that you consider an upgrade path for your safety and continued success. I'm not trying to be all "omg scary" it's just the reality of the situation. I'm sure Microsoft still gets angry letters about no more Windows XP support too ... it's sort of the nature of software development. The version 3 support forums were archived off to only active license holders as a courtesy for those few left who have not yet upgraded. We plan on completely archiving them in the not too distant future.
  5. The entire point of the new promotes feature is for you to curate the best or most interesting content on your community. Auto-promoting every post basically makes it an RSS feed which not only dilutes the entire point of it but would hurt your standing on social media as they all frown on automated posting. Facebook actually specifically says not to auto-post with pre-populated content in fact.
  6. Fluid View for forums with subforums

    I think you may be misinterpreting what Fluid View is designed to be. The fact you are wanting so many options and settings for something that is designed to be simple sort of speak to that. When we made Fluid View we were thinking of communities who did not need or want a very strict hierarchy of "categories" and "forums" but just wanted to display information. In the modern use of forums this is becoming more and more common. In fact, some new platforms only offer this approach. We have many clients who only have just one "forum" where they place all their topics. In Fluid View, "forums" act more like tags in that they are simply helping to identify content-types. There is no structure when using Fluid View. Things like "pinned topics" become rather odd so we allow those to be shut off. Multi-levels of subforums only serve to be in the way really. We have said before and I still think it's true that Fluid View is not for every community. If you have a complex, hierarchal structure then you may wish to stick to the traditional tabular layout that has existed for decades and keeps this concept in place. It's why we have the option to choose your mode because it does not work for every community
  7. Yes, in 4.2 it's even better. You can find more info here:
  8. Club: Update after Move

    If you could post your details as a bug that would be helpful. You can rebuild the search index for now to make activity show.
  9. We have not had much more interest in it since this topic was originally posted so it's still in the undecided pile
  10. New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    I am afraid we could not include all the things in 4.2 This was on the list but got bumped. I am sure it will be in 4.3.
  11. You can manually re-archive a topic in 4.2.
  12. Staff Directory (Club Owners)

    Clubs leaders already show at the top of the list when you click Members inside a Club.
  13. Club Categories?

    You can use custom fields and filters to do this.
  14. I have to give props to the IPS team

    Thanks everyone We are really proud of 4.2.
  15. That is as intended. When in Fluid mode you do not have a structure to follow like that so breadcrumbs and hierarchy have no meaning. In Fluid mode forums act more like tag filters.