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  1. Yes, in 4.2 it's even better. You can find more info here:
  2. Club: Update after Move

    If you could post your details as a bug that would be helpful. You can rebuild the search index for now to make activity show.
  3. We have not had much more interest in it since this topic was originally posted so it's still in the undecided pile
  4. New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    I am afraid we could not include all the things in 4.2 This was on the list but got bumped. I am sure it will be in 4.3.
  5. You can manually re-archive a topic in 4.2.
  6. Staff Directory (Club Owners)

    Clubs leaders already show at the top of the list when you click Members inside a Club.
  7. Club Categories?

    You can use custom fields and filters to do this.
  8. I have to give props to the IPS team

    Thanks everyone We are really proud of 4.2.
  9. That is as intended. When in Fluid mode you do not have a structure to follow like that so breadcrumbs and hierarchy have no meaning. In Fluid mode forums act more like tag filters.
  10. Add Search Box

    If you go to your inbox you can search messages. That is just a quick-view of recent messages.
  11. Need lawyer , help please better yet
  12. IPB Customer Response Time

    I just looked at your account and the last ticket we have from you was from 2013. I could not find any other messages from the email associated with your account. Please feel free to email me directly at and include your support ticket number or what email you used to contact us so I can look it up.
  13. There's really no technical reason. There's already logic built in that if there's a lot to send it reverts to the queue. No need to overthink it
  14. Support Page Congrats

    Glad you like it
  15. Thanks for testing 4.2

    Be sure to read all the provisions for beta releases in the client area on the screen where you download the betas. The link to the bug tracker along with a lot of other important information is there.