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  1. I'm the leader for I'm the most special.
  2. When you want a character-limit would this be system wide? What is the concern with long posts? It can be a bit confusing to a user when their post just... stops.
  3. This is more friendly in 4.2
  4. Moderator and Administrator logs will be searchable in 4.2.
  5. Slow down and read the entry again there are plenty of mentions of content item count. Even a screenshot showing how you can enable count-only view and Adriano's screenshot above. There's no support for "reaction sets" as you explain there.
  6. We hardcoded so you can never change the icon. You must use the heart forever. It is a steadfast requirement. There are no settings to change it. If you try your site will delete.
  7. Yes of course you can easily add new reactions. It would be kind of restricted if you could not
  8. You can add all you want.
  9. Already done in 4.2
  10. The point of this one was that having the sign in buttons in-context where the editor box normally is increases signups. We have tested this on live sites and saw an immediate increase in signups so we know it works. But ... I think you are right on the cosmetic presentation. We will modify the design before final. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. You still have total control over who joins your community even if you enabled social media logins. Don't be afraid to experiment with new technology
  12. I remember in early development of 4.0 we talked about using sprites for emoticons. But then I was like "how do you explain sprites to people?" and we quickly decided that would be complicated
  13. Same as now when people sign up.
  14. I am infallible.