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  1. You may wish to track our release notes for what is new in the next version:
  2. We do have levels in the bugs. Example with your Gyfcat thing:
  3. When you have any sort of issue with your site we want to hear about it
  4. It depends on what the issue is. Sometimes we cannot patch a site if the fix is complex or untested. We try to where possible for critical issues but sometimes it's not possible.
  5. Yes you have said that over and over and that is not the approach we are taking right now. I realize you disagree and I am sorry we cannot agree on the bug tracker but really this is a tool for our use and it's best we work with it that is best for us. I appreciate your feedback but we think submitting a ticket is just as easy as submitting a bug report (just typing in a report) and a ticket gives us the opportunity to triage an issue, talk to the submitter to get more information, and so on. I also realize you are only seeing one facet of the process and making assumptions accordingly as you do not know what we are doing internally. As an example to @TSP: in the ticket you submitted earlier about a bug we were able go get clarification from you, confirm the issue was valid, put in a report, and even tell you that it will be fixed in the next release. That is the point and it benefits everyone. We are looking into options for the power users who are posting in this topic but for now we do prefer tickets for all issues. As always, please submit a ticket if you are having any problems with your community. We will reply to every ticket we receive and be sure to get a resolution for you.
  6. In what way is communication lacking? I have clearly said over and over to simply submit a ticket if you have any issue with your site. I'm not sure how much more I can communicate that concept
  7. I am not understanding why it is more difficult to submit a ticket than a bug report? Yes the input box is in a different location but the information you type into it is the same. In fact was it not you who suggested reports are triaged?
  8. Isn't that what I have been saying? If you have a problem with your site just submit a ticket. It's that simple
  9. For anything you guys need just submit a ticket to support and we will support all over you
  10. All tickets submitted get a response. It's not up to you to worry about duplicate reports really as that is our problem . If you have an issue on your site just submit a ticket and we will take care of it.
  11. There is no need to submit anything to a bug tracker. If you are having any issues with your community just submit a ticket and we will reply.
  12. If you are having any issues with your site please submit a ticket. Thanks!
  13. If you are having any trouble with your community please submit a ticket. Thanks!
  14. We closed the bug tracker to new submissions for a while to clean things up internally and reduce confusion. For power users like you we will come up with another solution for you but normal users just find the whole process confusing. As you can see in this very topic people don't know where to post their issues To be clear to everyone: as always if you are experiencing any sort of issue with your community feel free to submit a ticket. You are guaranteed a reply there.
  15. I post what's coming in the next release in the alpha section but I realize many people do not view that. I will try to make a point of updating the next up list in release notes more frequently. I went ahead and posted 4.1.16 so far but more will be added.