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  1. I guess I am still confused on the table part but having the editor input area on a new page vs the bottom of a topic does not change how the editor input area works. It would not make any difference in how you interact with it.
  2. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about tables
  3. What is your goal that a separate reply page would meet?
  4. Helpful in what way? This shows in the AdminCP and the version number really only matters to the site owner. The system also alerts admins if their site is out of date.
  5. Innovation!
  6. I would go with that.
  7. That area will be revamped in a future version.
  8. I'm the nice one.
  9. The warning system can be set so the user cannot post until they acknowledge the note from the moderator. If you view the guide I linked to you can learn about all the features of the warning system.
  10. If you feel something is broken you should submit a bug report or a ticket In this case we have already submitted a fix for polls in 4.1.14 as a client submitted a ticket about polls a couple weeks ago.
  11. Was it a generic "could not connect" error or did it say request blocked?
  12. There's no way to pause it but the queue task has built in logic to handle such a situation. When it executes it may only do 100 posts per cycle but it keeps looping those cycles doing as many as it can for a set period of time. If your server is not too busy and powerful then it will do many loops before it stops that cycle. If your server is busy then it may only do a few loops before it runs out of time. Either way, after a period it will always stop, exit, and then re-execute on the next batch run. We do it this way so the queue does not take over your entire server in a mad rush to process tasks
  13. The majority of replies indicated people were not interested.
  14. As always, we only support live sites. We cannot support test installs.