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  1. As Rhett said, all modern web browsers have spell checking built in by default so there is really nothing needed on our end.
  2. That's a different thing and you can do that now. This is about database replication. You are talking about web servers which is the other side.
  3. You can setup a MySQL cluster where you have one master write server and multiple read-only replicas. Read/write separation makes write queries to go the master and all read queries go to the replicas. Since nearly all queries are read queries this can greatly improve performance as you can spread out database resources. It's certainly an advanced configuration option as setting up a MySQL cluster takes some work but for really busy sites it can offer great advantages.
  4. We are experimenting with MySQL read/write separation in 4.1.18 and 4.1.19. It's not quite ready for public use just yet but it is working well on the test sites we have it deployed on. Right now we have a total of 18,000 online users on a MySQL cluster with 99% of queries going to the read-replicas and only post-events going to the write master. There's more to do but you should see this in a future release.
  5. That's why you can choose to make it required for admins/mods but optional for your normal members
  6. The user sort of does opt-in. When they register their account they must first check the "send me emails from admin" box and then also click the account validation email that is sent. IPS4 already supports one-click unsubscribe in the emails as well.
  7. 4.1.18

    In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, this release also includes: Pinterest share link has been added Converters are now included as a Suite-level application you can download with your package in the Client Area Running a conversion will now skip steps that do not have anything to convert Two Factor Authentication Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address When a location is specified for a Calendar Event, the address will be shown underneath the map. The map itself should also be more accurate now. The Approval Queue page now has a "Hide" button to hide content (rather than only being able to approve / delete) Disabling Profile Photo uploads will now also disable importing from a URL An issue has been fixed where adding tags using other languages may not work properly Cropping Animated GIF's for photos is now supported when ImageMagick is in use Files purchased in Downloads will now have a link back to the file from their purchase page in the Manage Purchases section The Admin CP will now indicate whether or not a member is connected to a social network The Admin CP will now display more information for a user who has been banned imgur embedded is now supported Errors caused by third party applications / plugins will now be clearer Option to report fatal errors automatically to IPS so we can fix common issues
  8. New: Two Factor Authentication

    We have had a question and answer feature in IPS Community Suite for some time and we are now happy to add Google Authenticator as another option. We have also combined the various options it a new Two Factor Authentication (2FA) section in the AdminCP with many more options. Two Factor Authentication Settings There are also new settings to control when a user is required (or not) to setup 2FA: 2FA Setup You can control what areas will prompt for 2FA authentication: 2FA Area Control And how the system should recover if a user cannot login via 2FA on their account: 2FA Recovery Settings An administrator can configure these settings to tailor the security needs of their community. For example, you might want to require 2FA your admins and moderators but keep it optional for your members. On the front end your members will see a new Account Security section under their settings area. Account Security Settings Once authenticated, a user will then be able to enable various security options. For example, the Google Authenticator setup shows an easy to follow setup. Google Authenticator Setup We hope you enjoy this new level of system security. IPS has plans to add additional 2FA providers beyond Question and Answers and Google Authenticator. We will keep you updated! This change will be in version 4.1.18 which is scheduled to be released in late January 2017.
  9. That is not how it is supposed to work. If you have the ability to reproduce please submit a ticket so we can see.
  10. If it's executing and exiting that quickly then either your queue task is locked or something else is wrong. Doing a loop like that on the cron will not actually make it run any faster because: Only one cron can run at a time so if the previous one is not done running the next execution will not start The cron should run at least 45 seconds between goes all on its own as it does internal looping. If you are having any issues please submit a support ticket.
  11. The cron script automatically loops itself. Just run it every minute and let it go. A 2.2 million post rebuild should only take 6 - 8 hours.
  12. Google 2FA will be in 4.1.18.
  13. This will be in 4.1.18.
  14. We are certainly open to the idea of a rotate image feature but before we added something like that we would want to make sure the built-in orientation feature is working properly. Otherwise you would just be hiding a problem with a new feature. In each case that someone has talked about pictures not rotating it has been because the EXIF function was not enable in PHP on their server. We are going to make a future release point that out as recommended and explain what will happen if it's not there (pics will not understand "up" properly). Please, please, please submit a ticket if you have any issues with your IPS Community Suite. All too often I see people talking here on the forums for weeks or months about an issue and refusing to submit a ticket. Once they finally do we have it sorted in a day. We really are quite helpful
  15. IPS4 is designed to check the EXIF options on an image and properly orientate the image to vertical. If that is not working please submit a ticket so we can look and see why it's not working for you.