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  1. Update to

    This release resolves intermittent issues submitting a reply or seeing CSRF errors.
  3. Activity Streams always create an RSS feed based on their settings. However, we have added a new standalone system that creates an RSS feed using the same logic as Activity Streams but as a standalone area. This will be in 4.1.17.
  4. 4.1.16 Now Available

    Version 4.1.16 is now available to all clients. This release contains fixes, performance updates, and many new features. Check out what's new: You can also read the Release Notes for the technical details. Enjoy 4.1.16!
  5. Actually when using REST that is indeed what the HTTP Response codes are for.
  6. Let's not devolve into such treatment of others.
  7. There will be a hide option for unapproved content in 4.1.17.
  8. We have made changes to make this work better in 4.1.17.
  9. That's very true but we also struggle to get people on supported versions of PHP ... imagine what it would take to get people to sign up for 2FA services. Of course we are looking into it but unfortunately sometimes it is difficult for us to do all the most advanced things when dealing with web hosts who do not keep their servers in 2003 let alone 2016.
  10. Just to be clear: we will do IPB3 -> IPS4 upgrades at no charge for anyone that asks. I'm sorry if that was not clear
  11. If you ask our support is happy to do the upgrade for you at no charge
  12. This change will be in 4.1.17.
  13. There are several enhancements to the IP tools in 4.1.17.
  14. This will be done in 4.1.17.
  15. This will be done in 4.1.17.