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  1. From vB4 to IPS = UTF8?

    Unless you expect to run a website outside of our software, I would encourage you to install the Community Suite in the root of your domain. You can use Pages to create a website within our framework and set it as the default application, so that you can still run a website and have all of the features within our software separated into virtual subfolders. You will install our software before converting from a third party software, yes. After installing our software you would initiate a conversion from a third party software within the AdminCP. You can install the SSL certificate now or later, it does not matter.
  2. When you say create a login, do you mean create a new user, or log an existing user in? The API would not be used to log a user in (although we have an open Single-Sign-On framework called IPS Connect which can be used for this purpose, and we also support plugins and login handler callback files to extend our framework to support logins through other types of networks), however the REST API can be used to create new members.
  3. Invision Community 4.2

    Summer is generally accepted to be June-Aug here, however note that "Summer 2017" is intended to be generalized and not indicate a specific time/date.
  4. Invision Community 4.2

    This indicates a file is out of date, and the full file package needs to be reuploaded (specifically in this case, system/Image/Image.php needs to be reuploaded, but anytime a single file is not updated I recommend reuploading the full package).
  5. Yes, the cron method is the fastest. It will run as many loops as possible in one execution without timing out, and there is no web/HTTP overhead in the requests.
  6. No, we improved the cron job running of tasks instead so that it can run as much as possible in a loop. We recommend using cron jobs to run your tasks for larger sites.
  7. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    You can exclude individual forums from increasing the content count when submitting, but not when showing the leaderboard results.
  8. New: Group promotion improvements

    I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say here. The way the new system works with regards to Commerce is if Commerce alters your primary user group because you purchased a package configured to do so, the group promotion system will not adjust that member's group any further, until/unless the user is demoted because the package expires. If Commerce adjusts the user's secondary group(s), the group promotion system WILL still apply to the member. Actually, validating status is a flag on the account and not a member group in 4.x. There is no validating group for new installations, for instance.
  9. Language selection

    You would need a plugin I'm afraid.
  10. New: Group promotion improvements

    If Commerce adds 'Content' as a secondary group, the group promotions system will not remove that secondary group, unless the user hits a group promotion rule that says to do so. The group promotion system, thus, can be used to add (and remove) other secondary groups, giving you more flexibility. The upgrader is designed to retain existing group promotion configurations by converting them to the new group promotions rules system.
  11. New: Group promotion improvements

    I'm not sure I follow. Validating users cannot use the site until they are validated, so they wouldn't be able to hit most of the filtering capabilities, except days since joining. This change does not affect account validations.
  12. New: Group promotion improvements

    The current filtering options check content item + content comment counts (the same count shown in a user profile, for instance).
  13. New: Group promotion improvements

    This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. The ability to automatically promote users from one group to another based on set parameters has been a staple of community software for some time. Traditionally, the most common determination of promotion has been post count. Additionally, the 4.x Community Suite supports promoting members automatically based on the time elapsed since the user joined the site and based on their total reputation count. With 4.2, we have completely overhauled and enhanced the group promotion feature bringing many new options to administrators looking to promote members through different group levels. To start with, the group promotion options have been removed from the groups configuration pages into their own area. Group promotion rules overview page You will notice that rules are no longer strictly tied to a single group, and that rules can be sorted however you desire. When you create and edit rules, you can choose which groups the rule applies to, what parameters the user needs to meet in order for the rule to be activated, and then finally, which primary and secondary groups the user will be moved in to. You can also configure the rule to remove specified secondary groups, which can be useful if one rule adds a secondary group for users, and then the next rule should change them to be part of a different secondary group (i.e. add a new secondary group, but also remove the previously awarded secondary group). The system uses the same member filters available when configuring bulk mail, and we have made some updates to the member filters area (and have introduced some new filters) in this release as well. For example, you can create a rule that only applies to members who have won the daily leaderboard at least once, or members who have created a blog. Some of the group promotion filters, which are also available when sending bulk mails Any time a member account is updated for any reason (a new visit, editing the member, the member makes a new post, etc.), the software will loop through all configured rules and the last rule in the list that matches the member will be applied. This approach allows you to create promotion levels, for instance when a member reaches 100 posted content items they will be promoted to a new group, and when they reach 1000 posted content items they will be promoted to yet a different new group. Groups can be wholly excluded from any promotion rules, which is useful when you have administrator and/or moderator groups and you want to ensure that they are never moved to a different group. These groups will be disabled from selection when configuring group promotion rules, and these groups will be ignored if "any group" is selected for a promotion rule. Finally, if a user is moved to a new primary group by Commerce because they have purchased a product which moves them to a new group, they will also be excluded from group promotion rules (however, Commerce purchases that only adjust secondary groups will not exclude users from being checked by group promotion rules). Developer note: You can add your own filters for group promotion rules (and bulk mails) by adding MemberFilter extensions in 4.2, available in the Developer Center for your application.
  14. New: SEO Improvements

    Our software sets canonical tags (at least where it makes sense), and setting page=2 for the second page is the correct practice.
  15. New: Additional REST API Endpoints

    If the group name is not returning correctly as in your example, that would be a bug and I would encourage you to submit a ticket with details so we can take a look.