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  1. Anyone here a domain investor?

    If you own the trademark, you can put a legal action and prove he got the domain after you submited your trademark for approval. It's not the cheapest thing to register a trademark, but it is well worth, and prevents some ill-intended people of registering slight variations of your domain with the purpose of competing with you. I've already took a site down with that. My advice is: never put on a serious business without backing up your position with a registered trademark in the USPTO.
  2. It seems it needs a "stop shouting" for topic titles too.
  3. Classifieds System

    This is a great app. I'm really just waiting for the shipment feature to be implemented to buy it.
  4. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    The problems with chatwee: 1) Is too expensive 2) Doesn't have a cheaper alternative for self hosting
  5. New: Promoting Content

    The existence of such a variable would open new theming possibilities and would make forums really beautiful and visual. Having a $topic->topic_image and $topic->topic_image_thumb as they exist in Pages records (but automated to extract the first image or youtube video thumb of the topic) would be great and would allow visual forum navigation (similar to what happens in Tapatalk, for example). Tapatalk does that: automatically extracts an image from the first post of the topic whenever it exists, and looks great in mobiles. This would be awesome for user engagement and we would have beautiful visual forums, for sure. Skin designers could come up with new interfaces in which the front page could be lastest topic images with the title below, for example. In an era where great images matter, would be so awesome.
  6. New: Promoting Content

    @Matt one question about the topic pics that will be shared on facebook: are they going to be extracted automatically, right? This means they will be stored and accessible by something like $topic->pic_field right? Please tell me they will
  7. For science related sites

    You can add it through the ACP. Just upload the zip file.
  8. For science related sites

    There is a plugin for CKEditor for latex math: http://ckeditor.com/addon/texzilla You can also use https://www.mathjax.org/ Don't know if that is enough for you.
  9. If they pay for it, their username gets in the downloaders list, which makes them easier to track. If this guy succeeded, he would get the stuff for free and would not appear in the downloaders list.
  10. Now when i told him he knew how to steal other people's photos (http://www.ilfree.it/index.php?/profile/2168-linda/) he just changed the avatar to this one: Seriously, this guy knows where the hot stuff is.
  11. Here is the follow up of the conversation, for a good gag:
  12. First of all: PLEASE don't provide Zips of downloaded apps from marketplace to any member who asks you to do so. They want them to distribute on nulled promotion software and they don't get tracked on the users who downloaded the apps. Avoid cooperation with thieves. I've just received a PM from a user called "Merlina33" asking me (seems to speak russian, or at least non-english) asking me if i downloaded a plugin from @Mike John. I suspected what this guy wanted (to get the software for free to put in nulled sites, i guess, or to redistribute it for free), so i answered "yes" just to set the bait (i've not bought it so i don't have it). Bingo! The guy then asked me to send him the Zip file. Of course this is serious and i suspect the same guy asked other people too. Here is the screenshot: P.S. - Sorry for the caps title, but i think the situation is serious enough to justify it
  13. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Just enabled memcache, now below 1 sec: Seems to be enough tuned now: I can now get back to produce some content
  14. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Seems like mine loads in 1.63 seconds
  15. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Adlago, i see you are a speed benchmark die-hard fan. But in my view, speed (not even speaking about synthetic speed tests) are just a part of what should be a good site. Speed, content quality and quantity, aesthetics, interaction quality, marketing and seo are other important aspects we should consider. I don't want to spend a lot of time tweaking some small speed things. If you have a dynamic website, with users uploading pictures (which happen to not have the dimension attributes - kind of useless nowadays or have the best compression), etc, speed necessarily suffers. To my best knowledge, the image compressor used by IPS is not that great so the tests will always tell my images could be reduced. The difference in speed could be 0.2s at most - is it worth spending my time tweaking all these images, for example, when most of my users have broadband connections of 24 Mbit/s and up? Should i sacrifice content to enhance speed by 0.2s? Should i sacrifice aesthethics? There should, of course, be an acceptable compromise between all factors. Don't take this too personal: your site ranks great in pagespeed, but it doesn't appeal to me. The images lack quality (too much compression?) the blue background is too strong on the eyes, your images are too "white label" and lack quality. The fonts are weird, and guess what - it ranks poorly at woorank.com - only 51.3. Speed isn't everything, maybe you should consider spending more time on the other factors to achive a more balanced site.