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  1. Yes i can.
  2. I do.. have the latest version. This is odd because i can't see the cause of the error, only that error popup. What else can i do?
  3. Hi, me and my users are obtaining an error when trying to add a new artist. The error appears before the category dialog appears. The error is the dialog " Something went wrong. Please try again. " Please help.
    Excellent. Thank you @guyroch for including also the custom css file to style it. It's a perfect plugin. 5 Stars, well deserved!
  4. @Adriano Faria could be the man. He makes awesome apps.
  5. Is this app dead? I would like to buy it but it seems to be dead at all.
    Great Plugin. Thanks for releasing it for free.
  6. Thank you Sir!
  7. Yes. Kind of a button named "shuffle" or "surprise me!" That button would randomly play all songs in the system. Would be great to allow people listening songs from without them having to manually select each song after another.
  8. As people are using musicbox at my site (which is a musicians community), i found they rarely upload a full playlist. They are uploading their songs, usually just one or two per user. This creates a high amount of song "dispersion" which makes listening overcomplicated: constantly having to go and select another song... Is is possible to add a functionality (two buttons on the player) to play songs randomly (from all songs in the system) or in sequence, to avoid keep selecting other songs to play? It would be great for creative communities where users usually don't upload full playlists.
  9. This new version was definitely a step forward. Well done! People of my community have started using it. I have some suggestions for further improvement: - Side Blocks: although the Top Songs/Playlists/Artists is good, i feel that a nice set of blocks such as "latest" Songs/Playlists/Artists would draw further user attention, specially if used on the first page of the community and improve user involvement with the new songs/albuns/artists. The "Top" widgets are nice but they tend to "stabilize" with time. I know that making those widgets would not take a considerable effort and wouldn't have a considerable performance penalty. - Social Share: the social buttons should be the same as the ones in the community. It doesn't make sense to make use of another service. For example, in my community i have not linkedin share setup, but in the MusicBox the button is there. Besides that the styling and presentation is not the same. This causes an inconsistent user experience. Please reuse the IPS social share template and functionality. - Social Share Button on Play Bar: a social share button in the playing bar would be welcome to allow quick share of playing music Other than this, the app is good and is working reliably!
  10. I didn't want to clog their support by opening a ticket on this as this is not a bug, but if they don't answer me here, i'll do it.
  11. Bump. I think my money deserves an answer from IPS.
  12. The thing is that i am not suggesting this before knowing if they are already using it. I am already a client (3 licenses) but i would like to know that before buying more licences.
  13. I don't know why this question was moved to this forum. It was originally posted in the pre-sales questions. This is not a feedback issue. This is a question that matters to new purchases (pre sales). What if instead losing time to move it i got an answer from IPS?