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  1. Links Directory

    Didn't know there was a tracker. Sounds good. I'll report it there. How do I signup for that? got it.
  2. Links Directory

    This is in the Links Directory, not an IPS bug. Is there a tracker for the Links Directory app?
  3. Links Directory

    If you have a manually uploaded thumbnail and you edit the entry, after you edit the entry the manually uploaded thumbnail is removed and the org thumbnail displays.
  4. Links Directory

    Sounds good. If not, maybe in a future release.
  5. Videos Support

    For some reason it's working now. The other videos I uploaded earlier are now working. I just tried a bunch of video and sizes they all work. Maybe there was some corruption with the cache which I cleared out between now and the time I wrote in this thread.
  6. Links Directory

    Yea. I wasn't thinking a slider, but that would be even nicer. If there was an additional option to pay to be featured that would allow me to charge people to get featured. Honestly, I don't really use the paid links. No one would add links if they had to pay for them... but that's just in my case. People aren't going to pay upfront if they don't know how the link is going to perform. Like ads, people what to have some idea how their ad is going to do before spending money on placing the ad. I'd rather allow people to add links for free and then get them to pay to feature the link once they see how their link performs as a regular non-featured link. Additionally, if "paid to feature" was open to anyone - any member of the site - it would promote fans of the link to pay to be featured. Just a button in the link allowing anyone to pay to feature the link. Sometimes people want to pay to promote the link who aren't the owners of the link but just fans. Say someone was running a gaming site and the link was to something which was free. A member of the community could pay to promote the link on his own and wouldn't have to own the link in the directory. Allowing this also promotes competition between competing links. If the Ford link was featured, some Chevy guy might pay to feature a Chevy link. Removing the barrier to who can pay for the featured link, could lead to more owners and non-owners of the link paying to get it featured.
  7. Links Directory

    If you're tweaking stuff for the directory, it would be great to have an option to show the featured on the main page of the directory. Right now, it's new, affiliated, and random. People paying to be featured would love to be on the main page. Maybe having a bigger block with some of the text from the featured entry on the main page to make the featured stand out. Just a suggestion.
  8. Links Directory

    Thanks @Adriano Faria looking forward to the new version. I'm going to setup a dev site for 4.2 in a day or two and can test out the new version for you if you're still looking of testers.
  9. Links Directory

    For some reason the rating stars aren't working on my board v4.1.19.4 I tried rating with several different members and none of the ratings seems to be taking. Ratings are working in the forum app.
  10. Videos Support

    Hey Mike. Everything is working fine with the app, except when I set a Maximum Video Width... no video shows. If it's set to something other than unlimited, when I upload, there is nothing. If set to unlimited, the video shows up. 4.1.19.x
  11. (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Thanks for the code. The code I put in above, I copied from one of the IPS premade spots. This is going to work great for text links in the footer (or anywhere else on the site) which can be sold in the store. If some links aren't purchased, I have a default ads created called filler ads to fill in the non-sold spots.
  12. (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Thanks for the previous code! I'm also trying to figure out how to create an if statement = if an advertisement key is disabled it will show something else. In my case I'm using links in my footer in a list and I don't want the lines of links to be blank if no one is advertising. {advertisement="footer_text_advert_1"} Trying a bunch of thing to get this setup. Below is the last code I tested. What would be the if part of the statement? I've tried = NULL, = 0, empty, isset, !=, figured you might know since you deal with all the variables. I don't code IPB enough to know what I'm supposed to use. {{if advertisement.footer_text_advert_1 > 0}} {advertisement="footer_text_advert_1"} {{else}} Some other link. {{endif}} I appreciate any help you can give me. Got it, I believe. {{if empty( \IPS\core\Advertisement::loadByLocation( 'ad_key' ))}} Nothing Here {{else}} {advertisement="ad_key"} {{endif}}
  13. (SD) Outdate Emails

    This app is wonderful! Anything that I get a bounce notice for from my transactional provider I can enter into this and it stops that user from getting email. I hope this will be updated for v4.2.
  14. (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Is there a way to use the css selector and have ads rotate in a position? Right now, both ads are showing up. Would love to sell multiple ads in specific spots using the css selector, but not really sure how to do it.
  15. Anti-Spam IPS4

    Works great!