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  1. I'm still haven't re-setup my dev environment, once I do I'll be able to test it out again.
  2. What a great name!
  3. Just select topic author instead of Usergroup.
  4. This combined with the highlight topic starter mod is going to make for one colorful thread.
  5. @Chris Bell if you're doing a lot of volume with messenger have you considered moving to support tickets? Nexus / Commerce Support is nice and it might solve your issue and allow you to fine tune what people are contacting you about. This won't solve your interface issues you have with messenger, but Support might provide you with a better way to manage volume.
  6. I'll do the check once I get my dev site back up and running. Should be this weekend.
  7. My Dev server is down right now. Once I get it back up, I can post a screen shot. Though, my site is just doing what it normally does without the plugin. When someone posts a reply instead of the new reply showing up (as it should with the mod) it displays a modal at the bottom, just like it does on this forum.
  8. Just tried it on PHP 5.6.23 still can't get it to work. Still shows the modal.
  9. Working in IPB / PHP 7.0.8 - didn't get to try it yet on PHP 5.6.23.
  10. Works great with IPB PHP 7.0.8 Nginx 1.11.1
  11. Works great with latest version PHP 5.6.23 Nginx 1.11.1 Also works with PHP 7.0.8.
  12. Plugin is working but showing "reg_rules_value" instead of the text on the Registration Terms page. IPB Version PHP 5.6.23 & 7.0.8 Nginx 1.11.1
  13. Fair enough.
  14. What would be and interesting addition would be votes / fav lists per category, so that there would be kind of a competition for up-votes / favs. Each category would have a separate page where it listed the top votes for each category w/ the admin option to list 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. number of items on the list per category. These category list would be in addition to the normal links pages. If there was an additional option to "pay to vote" where a member could buy extra votes from the store to get his link ranked higher. Have widgets which would display top 10 lists for each category or an overall top 10 list. Would end up as a competition for the link owners to get their links ranked higher on the lists. Which would give the link owners, more views, more visits, etc. to their site. Just an idea.
  15. Nice! Thanks again for keeping your mods updated.