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  1. Not sure about the list app in IPS suite. I wonder if a google docs doc is in order where everyone can share information gathered? I think a majority of IPB users would find a manageable marketplace useful, especially when the marketplace has thousands of mods to sort through.
  2. There's a lot of software packages out there which have add-on mods and plugins. I've yet to come across one that has a great management interface for managing which software I hate, love, purchased, etc. Some software plugin directories have thousands of items. It's hard to keep track of all of them on the software company's site. Here on IPS, I do have the ability to use the manage purchases - which is an ok list. But it's a daunting task to manage everything I've installed, purchased, or just plain don't want to see ever again like the developer who released 27 color change themes and the theme I want is on page 27. I've resorted to creating an excel spreadsheet for all the mods I want and have installed - free and paid. I've got to update that darn list every time someone releases a new version or a new plugin comes into the marketplace. I feel like an accountant. It would be great to see some additions to a marketplace item so I can set certain filters. I was thinking: 1. Purchased 2. Don't Want 3. Favorite 4. Not Working Allow me to set these for each of the mods in the marketplace. Then I can see a list of items based on my preferences. This way I'd be able to manage what is in the marketplace. If I like something I can add it to the Favorite list, if I hate something I can add it to the Don't Want list, and so on. Give me the ability to see all the information is a table format if I choose (Name, Link, Version, Last Updated). Maybe even add a personal comment - especially if I have multiple licenses and need to make a note which license belongs to which site. When the marketplace has 20K items it's going to be hard to sort through everything (ie Wordpress). It'll also give IPS and the developer the ability to see stats on what filters users put on the items. Allow me to set filters for each item, so I can see a list of what I really want to see. Thanks!
  3. Excellent. That works for me.
  4. @Joel R @Lindy if you add S3 on a server which has used local storage in the past, do you have to upload existing content to the S3? Or does it automagically pull everything up to the S3? When I upgrade to v4 I'm going to start using S3 / Cloudfront just want to make sure I set this up right. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. That was the demo website from the marketplace. I haven't installed it yet on my community.
  6. I found two issues while looking at the template in Chrome and Firefox. 1. Online users page, images are overlapping the information under each image. 2. Articles Page dropdown menu (Browse) displays under text "KoBro" and "Articles"
  7. I'm still haven't re-setup my dev environment, once I do I'll be able to test it out again.
  8. What a great name!
  9. Just select topic author instead of Usergroup.
  10. This combined with the highlight topic starter mod is going to make for one colorful thread.
  11. @Chris Bell if you're doing a lot of volume with messenger have you considered moving to support tickets? Nexus / Commerce Support is nice and it might solve your issue and allow you to fine tune what people are contacting you about. This won't solve your interface issues you have with messenger, but Support might provide you with a better way to manage volume.
  12. I'll do the check once I get my dev site back up and running. Should be this weekend.
  13. My Dev server is down right now. Once I get it back up, I can post a screen shot. Though, my site is just doing what it normally does without the plugin. When someone posts a reply instead of the new reply showing up (as it should with the mod) it displays a modal at the bottom, just like it does on this forum.
  14. Just tried it on PHP 5.6.23 still can't get it to work. Still shows the modal.
  15. Working in IPB / PHP 7.0.8 - didn't get to try it yet on PHP 5.6.23.