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  1. This is going to be really confusing for golf forums. Looking forward to this new feature!
  2. I thought the same thing. Would love to see chat remain.
  3. You're missing my point. Just because I don't personally experience an issue on my site, doesn't mean that there is an issue which is happening that isn't being reported to me by my community. If the issue was reported to you via a support ticket and was a known issue and my community members were experiencing the issue (but I wasn't because I wasn't using that feature, etc), that would be an issue for me. Allowing periodic checking of the current issues via some kind of list of current bugs would allow me to inform my community that an issue exists, or was fixed, etc and be proactive in letting my community know. Honestly, I would be really happy with just a list of issues that exist or have been solved that I could browse. No reporting, replying, or interactivity at all. Thanks for listening!
  4. I see where you're coming from @Lindy, support tickets work best for you guys. Here's a scenario: I'm running my forum and users are experiencing an bug on the site, but fail to tell me the issue. For whatever reason they just work around the issue or think I'm just running a crappy site. I have no idea the issue exists because for whatever reason I never experience the issue. One day I'm looking over the bug reports and I see that there is an issue that might affect my site. I check it out and it's an issue. I'm able to alert my users that there is currently a bug in X section and it will be resolved shortly. Upon alerting my community, several members chime in telling me there were having the issue and it was annoying. If I know a bug / issue exists, I'd have no hesitation opening a support ticket. It's the issues that are happening that I don't realize exist which I use the bug tracker for. Being able to alert my community about an issue, in the end, provides the best experience for my members. True, I don't really care how the issue is solved. But I would like to know that there's a issue. Maybe a closed system of listing issues people report would be helpful, allowing me to notify my community that an issue exists and a fix will be released in the near future.
  5. Thanks for the reply @Mark. I understand about public disclosure before the release of a patch. I'm not really asking for a public disclosure of the entire details of the security issue. I'm asking for the red warning symbol to be added to the beta releases so that owners know that the next update will be a security release. So, it's a choice between: Letting site owners who own very customized sites know ahead of time via a red symbol on the betas that they will need to upgrade because a security release is included. If the "vast majority of security issues are very difficult to exploit in any effective way" then what's the harm in including a red warning symbol on the betas? or Releasing the new version as a security update with the security vulnerabilities listed, forcing site owners to update hoping things won't break on their customized site if they didn't have time to test the beta software. All that I'm asking for is a notice / red security symbol to notify owners that the upgrade will be required giving them time to prepare to upgrade. Obviously, it's up to you guys what you want to do. Just trying to get some forewarning so testing can be done on a highly customized sites.
  6. Amen to that. That would be the IMO logical way to do things. At least they could delay the announcements of security bugs in each new version released. If I ran a high value target and was away for a week when they released a security update, the hacker would know exactly what to attack. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  7. They're going to look at the beta code changes anyway if they're looking for exploits. If any exploits exist in a previous version, that's where they're going to show up, in the changes. The reason I ask is so that people who have a lot of customizations have time to make those changes before the announcement of a new version with the security issues listed in the announcement. Maybe a policy of not releasing security issues until 1 version has passed. So an example: security fixes would be announced for v 4.1.17 in 4.1.19, security fixed for 4.1.19 would be listed in 4.1.21, and so on.
  8. Would it be possible to add the security flag to betas so site owners know that the next release will be a security release? There were 3 4.1.19 betas. None of them even mentioned that the final 4.1.19 would include security fixes (as far as I remember). Thanks!
  9. You never heard of letsencrypt? Please issue a fix for the dropdown mentioned above.
  10. I get that, I have no problem submitting a support ticket. I just was curious the situation with the bug tracker, if you guys have decided to limit the access to the tracker - it was nice being able to see the archived reports. The bug tracker has been online for awhile, now it's gone (beta tracker is still available but no direct links to the tracker from what I can find). IMO that's worth some kind of statement as to what happened to the bug tracker. Like I said in a previous post, I can live without the tracker. But it was nice to see any issues which were being fixed, limiting me having to submit a support ticket. Thanks!
  11. No worries.
  12. Do you have a code fix for this which owners can use before the next update? Thanks!
  13. Here's the beta bug tracker: but it's missing the current version and the archive reports.
  14. Yea it was just odd that is was removed. I can live without it, but I liked to follow the bugs. Thank god I followed those pages, because there aren't any clickable links to the tracker at all (from what I can find).
  15. Thanks for explaining to me what the difference between a support ticket and the bug tracker... I was having a hard time grasping the difference between the two. Back to my org question: Has the bug tracker changed to limited access or is the removal of the links to the tracker temp?