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  1. I adore Pages and would love to migrate my blogs to it but 1) You can't give people permission to create their own blogs (the containers/categories) in Pages. They can only create records (the blog entries). I want people to be able to create their own blogs (ie a Pages category like "Tim's cool blog") where all the entries belong to that rather than are mixed in with other people's records. 2) I really like the group functionality and being able to see who contributed. If these features were available within Pages then I'd be all over it. Pages is ace, my favourite app. I love the power it has if you have a little bit of know-how. (I hope one day somebody bumps this thread to say "the day I merged the functionality of Blogs into Pages" )
  2. There were two reasons for me and they played a role in my delaying my project for over a year whilst awaiting the arrival of IPS4: Internationalization My site absolutely must be in two languages. The IPS team has gone to great lengths to make this relatively painless. In my opinion this can't ever be absolutely perfect unless straight one-for-one translation is offered but IPS4 does a very good job. Joined-up apps I wanted a bit of everything and if I'd gone with Joomla or Wordpress (both of which I was familiar with), I would forever have been buying plugins and hoping that they didn't stop working when something in one part is changed. And I would've been going nuts that the different elements would've looked different, as though they weren't parts of the same site. IPS4 offers this functionality from the same user accounts within the same page wrapper. Perfect. And there are elements that I wasn't aware of at the time which reinforce my decision. Support has proven to be an essential, cheap feature, and I love the fact that even a total novice like me can customise themes and databases.
  3. Erm ... yep, I suppose those would have to win! You're the biggest proponent of the internationalization drive too, aren't you? You have my gratitude for that, especially the pluralizing.
  4. I know that the progress of IPS is a team effort and it's coming across loud and clear that you all get along very well and enjoy your jobs. Still, there has to be the odd moment when you think to yourselves "I did that" and take some personal pride in an individual effort. It might've been the feature you added which marked you as being one of the team. Maybe you innovated something which became standard in your competitors' products. Or maybe you salvaged a bereaved spouse's missing photos after a data crash. What, for you, are those moments where you do the equivalent of a painter stepping back from a portrait and think to yourselves with pride and satisfaction "I did that"?
  5. That's quite an inspiring line, especially considering where you've ended up in life. Good on you!
  6. There's a known fault in 4.1.19 which is causing problems with some plugins, so there's nothing Ryan can do. You either need to apply the patch or wait for
  7. Oh, we had one of those! We're probably around the same age, then. (I'm 38. It doesn't feel right typing that!) My abiding memory of it was Mr Charlton telling us that "Computers are stupid. They only do what you tell them to do." Well, I know now what he meant by it, but I think I probably took away the first statement without the qualifying second.
  8. When I was a boy I probably wanted to be an astronaut or something like that. It never came to pass. And I regret thinking that computers were for nerds and playing football instead, because I'd love to do the sort of work that you fine gentlemen do. Alas, I'm OK at making things look pretty, and that's about as far as my expertise extends. My academic background is economics and I have no interest in the subject. I wish I'd known at a younger age to get into techy things or training to be a vet. (Not that I'd be any good with snakes. Yuck.) What about you? If you hadn't learned to code, what do you think you would be doing? And were you ever on course for some other career and then redirected?
  9. Are any of you into something totally out of left field, something which would surprise us? Skydiving? Morris dancing? Is there a budding rockstar or a food-challenge veteran amongst the team?
  10. The logo was very briefly this: and then quickly changed to a primitive version of the current one, so I think you're probably correct.
  11. Here's my favourite feature of the home office: Heidi in the Heidi-hole:
  12. Tell a lie ... A member of the IPS team has got in touch to say that he lives in the same region. It turns out that he's about five miles away. And since I'm on a hill and my office window provides a view in his direction, I might even see him if he waves out the window Something exciting has finally happened to me!
  13. A Twitter post has more characters than those things have been curled in the five years since I got them. They seemed a really good idea at the time (as did the treadmill in the garage) but I hadn't factored into the equation the discipline side of things. "Fitness osmosis" would be such a good thing if somebody could get around to inventing it, please. As it happens, I'm left not so much with pipes as pipe-cleaners. All? How much space do you want me to give them? There are a few elsewhere that are between 1 and 2 cms over the edge, but that still leaves 80-90% of their width on the shelf. And they're so tightly packed together that even pulling on them with my fingers a moment ago didn't budge them at all. (Plus I live in the English Midlands. No chance of an earthquake happening here ... or anything remotely interesting, come to that.)
  14. I think it's bad form for Mark to be using a photo from a showhome One thing that's struck me is how successfully minimalist everybody else is. I've managed to get my workstation relatively clutter-free and set up in a modern way (two monitors, docked laptop), but it's still clearly shoved in where I could fit it: In the case of one of my monitors, it's literally wedged in. Frustratingly, if the monitor is attached to its foot it is mere millimetres too high to be able to fit under the bookcase, so I've had to rig up a rudimentary wooden frame and then shove it tightly in: It looks awful if you look at it. Fortunately, I know not to.
  15. Yep, you're totally correct. I've often had to leave entries blank because I've not been sure whether they refer to verbs or nouns. This would be fantastic. I think most of us are happy to use English in the ACP and would see translating those strings as a colossal waste of time.