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  1. He did it himself from the default IPS theme. I've asked him in the past. He's a CSS guru. This was the response:
  2. And they're looking into it. Why all the drama? If it's still like that after a reasonable time, then complain. Give them a chance to see what the problem is first though.
  3. Same here. I've no doubt they're addressing it now that they're aware.
  4. Well spotted. One for @Rikki, I think.
  5. What'd be super fun (/nerdy) is to have somebody filming the goings-on in the war-room at the time the trigger is pulled!
  6. That does look good, mate. Really, really good. I can't help but ask one particular question, though, because it's the sort of thing that's going to be on my mind all day. Why is it that your category list in your articles database is in alphabetical order, except for Police State and Government & Politics being transposed? Is it just an oversight, a bug, or an unfortunate fluke? Edit: Oh, there's a small bug. On your about page you're forcing the icon to display at 200px. But on a wide desktop (mine is 1920px) the container it's in is 203.67 and your icon has padding too, so it's being forced outside its container:
  7. There's a curious problem which occurs when using the white background on markers. See how the icon is further to the left here? It doesn't apply to the other backgrounds: But with white: Unusual, huh?
  8. Because if there were only three columns in the grid, each cell would be wider to eat up the space and look fairly ugly compared to the narrower ones when you use four columns.
  9. And I think the visual issues (that the opacity is different, the container is positioned higher, and the arrow located centrally rather than on the left) are something that needs fixing within the custom theme, since the screenshot shows that that's nothing to do with IPS's default.
  10. If it does that on the default theme, then that's a bug. You'd expect all of the menu items to behave the same on hover. It's worth making a support request for this so that IPS can fix it in a future release.
  11. It's a bit complicated to explain The current prices are the ones which are struck through. However, since 4.x has been introduced, we've been paying the 3.x prices. So we currently pay the old prices, if that makes sense. But from December 2nd, we'll be paying the proper 4.x prices (the struckthrough ones) rather than the 3.x ones.
  12. They're marked on the page:
  13. And this is a problem for regular fields, too. OK, I can add language strings within custom formatting so that it displays in my second language, but the filters still show in English.