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  1. Any news about this? Has anyone made good experiences with VigLink?
  2. And still no answer . Also in I can't see anything.
  3. Where do I see this?
  4. Same here. Users already complained about it, because they get old drafts, also in private messages.
  5. Any news about this? To show a stream on the homepage would be really great to show especially new visitors how active the site really is.
  6. I like the idea but many users don't use first and last name, but a nickname. That should be considered with a possible solution.
  7. There are no circles in the block/widget (for example for a portal page). Threads with unread posts are bold, but you cannot directly go to the first unread post.
  8. Yes, now it works again :-).
  9. Yes, it's the same here (standard theme).
  10. Yes, footer works, thank you. But now on desktop there is a duplicate - breadcrump and footer (I would like to have breadcrump on desktop, to show at he top of the site). Is it possible to show in footer on mobile devices only? - And left of the header in mobile view would be great (but white icons instead of the black ones in other positions would be needed). Footer desktop: Header position mobile:
  11. Any plans to show the social icons also on mobile devices? - For example in the header or in the footer? - Or is this already possible and I missed a setting?
    Works fine - thank you!
  12. Are there ads in mails send via SparkPost? - Where did you find that information?
  13. I agree and don't use announcements any more...
  14. I would like to have an option to show the icons also on mobile devices, left to the navigation icons.