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  1. Great! I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'd also suggest having a "Default Image" option in case it doesn't have an image to fetch. Just an idea. It works well on my current site where I have a default image with a neutral background color and my site logo.
  2. @Marcher Technologies, Does the new version pull the entire RSS into the database? Also, does it, or will it have the ability to fetch an image item from the feed and place it into the database field for the images? Just curious if these will be features available. My current site uses a RSS import that fetches the first image in the feed and sets it as the "featured image".
  3. Hi. Sure I understand that. Looking at the images and your demo it looks like 1 slider can have multiple images in it. So, theoretically I could have 1 slide with 3 images styled just like my current homepage and set the slider to just use that 1 slide.
  4. @onlyME, I was looking at your product to add to my community. I'm in the process of migrating my Wordpress site to the IPS Suite. I'm wondering if your plugin can do something similar and can be styled the same way?
  5. I figured with the days spent at a computer monitor reading/coding trying to get things the way I want them, I'd take a break and have a good laugh and share with the community. I got a good kick out of this one today.
  6. You run an WordPress! Hows the other website going anyway?

    1. joshuaj


      Yeah my site is Wordpress. Before it was, it was IPB :-p I'm re-visiting the idea of IPB. I'll see how it goes. I actually own 3 IPB license. 

      Site is going. Not too much participation going on these days. I'll figure something out ;) 

    2. EmpireKickass


      IPB4 is very good, yet waiting on plugins that will someday support it. Good to know that you are coming back getting the hang of things again before taken up on the chilling project. Keep in mind that IPB3 is no longer supported.

  7. That's great to hear! When I get my board set up I will be making the purchase. As always, looking forward to seeing this one developed.
  8. @Marcher Technologies, glad to see the RSS import migrated over to 4.0. Does the new addon import full text like the previous one?
  9. Marcher, Is it possible for IPB to auto create an account in wordpress after email validation? As it stands, it seems that the only way for wordpress to create a new account, is for the user to actually log into wordpress. I'd like IPB to control all login/logout register functions.
  10. Hi again, I downgraded back to 3.9.2 and noticed an increase in page load times. I'll keep testing to see if that was the issue. I might be other plugins that are not up to date with version 4.0 that are causing the issue. I also was curious if you plan to integrate buddypress avatar's with ipb and wordpress? Is it possible? Thanks
  11. Ah, I take that back. I'm noticing a significant increase in page load time.
  12. Hi, Does this redirect users who login via facebook or steam?
  13. Thanks for the update Marcher. I upgraded to 4.0 and noticed the same issues, but them downgraded until you posted the update. I don't notice a significant increase or decrease in page load times. Although it seems the page loads around 1.5 seconds and Google page analyses doesn't like that for some odd reason and says I should reduce my server response time.
  14. Any plans for the future to integrate with buddypress?
  15. Hi again, Yeah I thought that was the culprit but it's still giving me the same response. I'm at a loss now because I've done everything per directions. I even re-did them with no change.