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    I've been a user of IP.Board since v1.0 [when it was free!], following Matt Mecham away from his previous bulletin board project, when we both became disillusioned with it. Him as a developer, me as an end user!

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    I prefer to use my board only with mods that require no source code edits. I have written mods that use both the old '?act=' and '?module=' methods. I've not developed any mods that use the component model.

    I tend to be very active on forums when new versions of IP.Board are out for beta test, and/or just after official release. I'm most active on the official peer-to-peer support forums, and customer resources forums, where I have a few [HOWTO] articles published. I was the author of the [unfinished] skinning guide that appeared on the official Invision site for v2.0 of the board, and was a beta tester for IP.Downloads.

    I am an IT Project Manager [PRINCE2®] currently working in the Financial Services industry. I'm self-taught in Linux and run a dedicated Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL server to host over 20 sites, 2 of which use IP.Board.

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  1. With 3.4.8 shipping skin, with Portal enabled, a blank page is rendered. This occurs with Mobile skin too. Is OK with a customized skin as the default though. *NVM* Recaching the default skin and mobile skin got rid of this problem. It does look rather messy though on mobile (android).
  2. Anger Is An Energy. Anger Is An Energy. Anger Is An Energy. Anger Is An Energy.

  3. Anger is an Energy.

  4. When planning an upgrade, I always make a complete copy of the database and all the files, put them on a different secret URL, upload the new files to the secret URL, run the upgrade scripts then play with the new version and WRITE DOWN everything I've changed, so that I have a 'script' for when I do the upgrade on the live site. This way means that the secret area is completely orphaned from the live site, and no changes made to the secret area get added to the live site. In your case it sounds as though you had 2 versions of the code files but they were both sharing the same database?
  5. It is. We use it a lot at work. Except that we usually have 2 separate systems and move over a few users at a time. That's not really feasible with IPS products.
  6. It would be nice, but challenging(in my opinion). There are often changes in the structure of the database tables and folder structures in version upgrades. There would need to be some 'on the fly' changes in where files and data is stored and retrieved to allow both versions to work together. That feels like a lot of work for IPS to do, and I'd rather they focused on other areas.
  7. I had always assumed that people wanted to remove it so it was harder for hackers to find out boards they could try and exploit if a big loophole was found. Presumably, it has a value to invisionpower, in that they hope people will see a site, like it, and click through the link to buy the product themselves?
  8. Let's just go back to the days when it WAS free. :)
  9. I guess there's a trade off to be made. I wonder what it would cost IPS to make their software truly HA versus the extra revenue it would generate. I'd be surprised if there were many organisations that regard IPS products as so critical to their business that they must have 100% availability.
  10. You are really only going to be able to do what the OP suggests by encrypting the code and requiring a run time decrypter (ion cube for example) to be installed. Even then determined people will be able to decrypt. Encrypting also undermines the quality of the self help and modding community.
  11. Sure as I said, that snippet I posted isn't the actual code. ;)
  12. It's only happening for some people and not for others. Member time is calculated as (NOT actual code) Universal Time + Memberdata[time_offset] + Memberdata[is_dst] As I understand it, those Memberdata variables are set by them in their UserCP and are the offset (in hours) from GMT for the member, and whether DST is 'on' in their area. For some people, those IPS variables must be screwy because the Universal Time is fixed, and used everywhere else for all the cities.
  13. File Name: [rct] Cool Clock File Submitter: rct2
  14. [rct] Cool Clock

    Version 0.0.1


    This is an incredibly simple sidebar hook that just wraps Javascript to display an analog 'ticking' clock. The time displayed is the machine time of the user. The Javascript for 'Cool Clock' is copyright Simon Baird 2010, released under the BSD License 1.0. More details at this link All changes to the clock face, size, etc must be made by editing the skin template bit and following the documentation at this link I may add an interface to this in future to allow the clock to be customized via AdminCP rather than skin edits.


  15. There appears to be a problem with this hook, and the free Lite version, when displaying the logged in Member's local time, where the wrong day, month and year might be displayed! I cannot reproduce the problem in my environment. Please let me know if you have this problem.