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  1. Sorry I missed your thread when I started mine.
  2. This works with
  3. Point is right now it's lossy, and a bunch of solutions are better than just losing the following status. Make it too complicated to add the feature and there's even less likelihood this hole will be patched/improved.
  4. Simple: default to the higher notification level. That's at least not lossy. This loses all follower status/settings/data.
  5. I'd love to request this feature. When we merge two topics, the followers of the merged thread are lost. This was particularly costly recently because a moderator merged a multi-year-long topic with hundreds of followers the wrong direction - into a new topic with no followers. And now the followers are all gone. He didn't notice for several days so retrieval of the follower information from the database is impractical. @Lindy, I realize the road map is fairly well set, but is there any place to put these sort of feature requests?
  6. Yeah, it's rather annoying the number of places you have to edit the same code on many, many pages.
  7. Did you clear your cache? Are you using the default theme (or a child of it)? It worked here.
  8. I don't know if that's an N2A problem. I get hover cards for my N2A avatars at https://thesandtrap.com/.
  9. Privacy? They know their avatars are public and set them accordingly, no? Also, you could just set generic avatars visible to guests via CSS, I think. I think there are classes for when someone is logged in or out. Then you wouldn't have to generate a bunch of N2A every time a guest visited.
  10. I turned it on for now and only toggled the "gradients" setting on. I didn't choose to see it in Designer Mode. It seems to be fine now. I'll post if something else comes up.
  11. I had to revert back to 2.1.4. With 2.2.2, I would change some settings, in designer mode, and then I'd hit save and get a white (blank) page in return. I had to disable the plugin and then uninstall it to get back to the default settings. This white page happened several times. Sometimes it would be after I changed a font. Sometimes after I enabled a gradient. There didn't seem to be too much that was predictable about it, except that it would always seem to get a blank page sooner or later. Another time I think the only setting I changed was the background alpha value. I did always have double letters on. Nothing of note seems to exist in the logs.
  12. Perhaps not having the image generating software* set up (or the correct version)? * I forget if you're using ImageMagick or whatever…
  13. I've been enjoying it. About the only thing I think I could ask for is to supply a "base image" and color that image rather than coloring the square (or circle). I believe in GD or ImageMagick it'd basically just be a mask. That way sites could still have their "branding" (our default avatar is our site's logo with a small "Please upload an avatar") while still making unique avatars in both color and the one- or two-letter images. But, I totally get why that probably won't be added. It's donation-ware right now, and that's more work. FWIW, I will donate here soon. I'm waiting until I'm paid for something here soon via PayPal. It's been working well on my site. Thank you.
  14. The bug seems to have been fixed - without any changes to my server setup - and now my site responds very very quickly. Knock on wood and all that, but queries that took over ten minutes now take about a second or two.
  15. Okay. Last question (I think): does uninstalling remove all of the avatars created? Do the avatars of the members revert back to "no image" so that the default avatar can be used, or are they broken images?