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  1. Cookie Notice

    FAIL. I updated the sheet in the resources folder but for some reason left that one I downloaded incorrectly from the plugins github repository in the css folder. (https://github.com/insites/cookieconsent/) What's weird is that it was working just fine on my live site. Thanks. I just updated it to fix that @Qubabos
  2. Cookie Notice

    I will take a look but it doesn't make much sense for what I've seen so far. When the cookie plugin is enabled, the CSS file that has the style for the "SG_record_image" class is not loaded. Again, it doesn't make sense to me for now because all my plugin is doing is inserting the code they instruct before the </head> element, it's just passing the plugin settings as the parameters. Maybe there's some conflict between both plugins css sheets. It's not fair to just say "it's the other broken" by the other developer, my plugin works just fine on its own, it would probably do the same if you implement the code manually without a plugin. Anyway, I will take a look later.
  3. Cookie Notice

    Alright, update is up. New styles and color options. By default it matches the suite scheme I removed the option to block the GA cookie... but I could bring it back if people actually used it.
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    No idea. I was wondering how you made that lol
  5. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    @Heosforo anything you click on your site takes you to a "Completa tu Perfil" page, to input your username and email. So the question is how good is working for you forcing people to register like that.
  6. Cookie Notice

    I'm updating this to version 3 tonight or tomorrow and hopefully make a few improvements. IPS 4.2 kinda has an option for this so It's mainly for the new styles. https://cookieconsent.insites.com/
  7. I will look into making a plugin for this, maybe place a toggle next to the forum style chooser if the style is fluid?
  8. I'd like fluid view topic listing to auto-update to show new topics and/or replies, much like the all activity stream indeed
  9. Anyone here a domain investor?

    These people are annoying. There's a guy holding a domain I wanted, he has been the owner for 11 years, and he is asking me a 5 digit price for it, and the domain is not even that special. It's so ridiculous and lame. Just my 2 cents, not intending to offend anybody. I also have a lot of domains, but because I'm using them or used them at some point, not trying to fill my bank account with it.
  10. That's fair enough, I don't know, you can always specify in the TOS that the support is the same for everyone no matter how much you paid for the download. You don't have to set a lower price than "expected" just because this system is in. You set the price you expect as a minimum, and then leave the chance open for people to give more just because they can. Anyway, that depends on how people would want to use this.
  11. Well then put it for a minimum of $10 @amator Probably some people would still give more. Also when things are cheaper you make more sales. Maybe it's not important in a $5 or $10 product, but so you understand my point, Fiat probably makes more sales than Ferrari. It's nicer to make the same or more with less sales? Well yes I guess that depends on your philosophy, but money is money in my book. Maybe I have to wait longer to make 100 sales at a higher price than to make 200 sales at half the price.
  12. Yes, the way the site I used as example works, is the prices you set are minimum prices, but people can always input more. Setting the price to 0 means it's free but they still can give you money if they input something other than 0 in the amount box. Or you can put it for a minimum of 5, and they could also input more if they wanted to, but not less. I had something selling at a minimum price of $5, and about 20% of the users gave me more, between $6 and $10. A few gave me $15... triple the amount I was selling for.
  13. You heard the boss, this needs more attention
  14. Thank you for the update and continued maintenance of your Marketplace plugins like Unread Topic Badge and Online Indicator to 4.2

    1. -FP


      No probs :) 

      I was inactive for a while even lost my "client" status lol. So many new things on 4.2 had to get back to it :D

    2. Joel R

      Joel R

      Yes, totally.  4.2 will be a fun release for all of us.

  15. Pages SuperGrid support

    Spoke too soon. The reactions menu is not showing up in the record view.