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  1. I will take a look but I have no clue now, I mean all this is doing is inserting the javascript from silktide, unmodified.
  2. Reading the stuff in the images... coudn't resist.
  3. Thank you for update and continued maintenance to Online Indicator.

  4. Sketchfab embed would be nice https://sketchfab.com/
  5. Malwarebytes is blocking the site for me... weird.
  6. Updated this file, this should be working now. Added a setting to choose which usergroups see the message
  7. It's working just fine on my sites :/ I'm at work now, but I'll take a look later see if I'm missing something.
  8. I just released a new version, it shouldn't make any difference though for that error, it's working fine on my sites. If you want me to take a look, provide me access to your ACP with permission for the themes and plugins areas.
  9. I don't know if you know the site https://gumroad.com/, but I'm going to use it as an example of what I would like to have as an option for files in the suite. In that site you are allowed to specify a minimum purchase price for your products. So lets say that I put something for sale at a minimum price of $5, people can buy it for that amount, or they can pay more if they wish. Now, what's more interesting here is that you can set free files, setting the minimum price to 0, but people can still choose to give you some money for it, kind of like a tip. This is one of my products: People can input 0 in the box and get the file right away, or they can input whatever amount they feel like. I'm not gonna reveal any numbers, but this system kinda works, people tips more than I expected for free files.
  10. Maybe we can just keep annoying them until something positive in our interest happens I mean come on, it could be just a setting, it doesn't have to be mandatory for everyone.
  11. Let's say I have the "Trees" category, and in "Trees" I use the subcategories "Cedar", "Birch" and "Ash" to upload files. I would like to be able to browse all the items in these subcategories at once when I browse to the category "Trees". I could add them all to Trees and that's it, but I'd like to have a bit of organization, that's why I also use subcategories. Maybe add a setting to parent categories to show all items in their child categories? I think that is implemented in Pages.
  12. At this rate I'm just gonna wait for IPS to re-introduce the feature... lol. @The Old Man what you are requesting... to me it feels a bit out of the scope, right now the topic comments are not really "copied" to the article, they show up in the article because of the IPS Pages setting "store comments in forum topic". Maybe it would be easier to develop a script to move your topics with all the messages into articles for real. But that's up to Adriano.
  13. Another setting is needed to also choose what to do depending on if you promote the first post of the topic, or any other in the topic. If you promote the first post, then what NoGi said works just fine, I don't see why it would need to be different.