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  1. @Joel R Read this post ....
  2. they closed my prefix issue . you might want add a ticket who knows whats going on
  3. Maded a template so all images are same size for best lined up articles . can be seen on my test site if you need a template I made one in photoshop ....
  4. maded a new *no image* for my board... if someone want here it is
  5. Yup . now all back to normal ... thanks. ... superb support mate
  6. yeah , I have reported it 5 times on alpha beta tracker . was wrong in pages, files, blog, activity streams ... seems they don't fixed it all way .... look like this with custom.css setting prefix should be in one line and title on next right ?? have posted the issue to bug tracker .. ....
  7. After upgrade to 4.1.17 I think it need some tweaks to work again
  8. You have not read latest pages . this issue have been up already .... Read at the bottom at this post This had been removed from version
  9. yeah . had been nice to have it that way and very user friendly .....
  10. Even better not only see the updates on apps and plugins. ultimate is 3 part apps also can be updated, downloaded and installed direct from ACP as ips itself . wow that is on my top wishlist ... +10000 on that one
  11. Would like to see also the plugins have their own , is bad we can't. ex: I run 2 board and buy a big plugin with huge amount of langstrings and use it on both boards. then I must translate it twice .... that sux really Hope to see some changes about this in future .... Other then that I say Thanks to all Developers for your superb works with apps and plugins, IPS Rocks and 10 stars to all of u
  12. Yeah, annoying me as well manually check all . using 12+ apps and 10+ plugin is almost full time work check all . was fun first week haha but now am tired of it . hope to see some changes about this +1 From me as well for a change
  13. Okey Friends I did a guide how to use this app and how to add category and awards and how all works . will include it in all my award packages as well but I wanted you guys to have it and I hope it will help some who is new to this application. so feel free to download it and @-RAW- have review it and approve it ..... Happy Awards Mates Award-Guide-v1.0.pdf
  14. Thumb are not save properly . thumbs stop working and must reuploaded , rebuild thumbnails not work