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  1. But a user is applying ... based on what? There's no approval question or comment box for them to explain why they want to join. I don't see how leaders can justify approvals in Clubs.
  2. Assorted questions: 1. Sidebar Blocks - For the sidebar, are those mandatory blocks on all clubs (eg. "My Clubs" and "Recent Activity in My Clubs") or admin-defined or club leader-defined blocks? 2. Club homepage - Do club leaders have option to custom define the Activity Stream? (eg. exclude gallery images, include gallery comments) 3. Club member listing - IPS will create FURL for each club's memberlist like 4. Language string - changes to language string in ACP will be done universally for all blocks? Ability for custom leader titles like "Club Captain" for one club and "Most Special Manager" in Charles' club? 5. Allowed content in clubs - Why do you list 'Gallery Categories' and 'Downloads Categories' but only 'Forums'? I think it would be more streamlined and consistent to list all of the apps' names. 6. Content - Do the content containers (forum boards, gallery categories) appear in both the original app AND the clubs, only the clubs, or we have a choice? This is probably the most important question, since it reorganizes / hides / displays how content is used in the top-level community versus in these micro-communities. 6. Approval Process - Ability for admins to define an approval question / answer process? (eg. "Why do you want to join?")
  3. I saw that. But are you ... the Most Special Leader??
  4. How do I get an invite to the Most Special Club??
  5. You can link to a download file stored anywhere.
  6. Ah thanks. I think that screenshot shows some internal QC testers.
  7. That only talks about author. Im asking about content item. App by NewbieLAC had this problem where it didn't increase content item's rep. Also, can we create different sets of reactions? For example, set A to be used in general discussion boards, set B to be used in gallery or image boards, set C to be used in feedback boards, etc. Thanks. There's no dedicated tab to show the different types of reaction totals.
  8. This increases content item's reputation as well as user's reputation? How does this display on a users profile? Any blocks to show latest reactions?
  9. Good idea. I actually think each user could have their own storage quota tab or section for PM quota, Attachment quota, Gallery quota, Downloads quota, etc.
  10. Venues. Whoa. That's a whole other type of calendar thing. I can actually see a compelling use for civic centers, art houses, or social groups. Wish you could define your own venues like "Joel's backyard" or "Lindy's mega car shop" or "Online". Maps. What is that??
  11. Why wouldn't you update to the newest version? The author already provided a workaround.
  12. Confirmed v5.1 breaks Notification, Messenger, Reported Content dropdowns. I've uninstalled for the time being.
  13. Okay thanks.
  14. Did IPS add these buttons anywhere else? Gallery? Blog? Downloads? Commerce? Database / record comments?
  15. The easiest way to answer that question is to ask if you can do what you want using the default IPS search. Quick Search does NOT change the underlying search by IPS. It just makes the results look better.