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  1. No, this is not available in IP.Downloads
  2. Thanks for update and continued maintenance to v1.0.14
  3. Thank you for update and continued maintenance to v1.2.6
  4. I am so disgusted at trying to report and explain this problem to IPS Support over and over again. This is not rocket science yet I'm getting nothing but bullfaeces responses from IPS Support. This is not hard. I have images with filenames in a certain order, and I want the images to be displayed in the same order. I recently created a test album as proof to IPS Support of how erroneous their ordering is. The filenames are named as follows: Horizons_0001 Horizons_0002 Horizons_0003 Horizons_0004 Horizons_0005 Horizons_0006 In IP.Gallery, I get the following sort order of the files: Horizons_0006 Because when I count, 6 is definitely where I like to start Horizons_0001 Horizons_0005 Sometimes, I like to skip to 5 in the middle of counting for no reason. Horizons_0004 Horizons_0003 Horizons_0002 2 is definitely the last digit out of all numbers In no ordering that's known to humankind, somehow IP.Gallery has managed to create its own system of ordering. Apparently IPS Support thinks this is okay? And the IPS developers think this is okay? Here are some more problems, just to show how bloody idiotic the whole thing is: IP.Gallery sometimes replaces the underscores (Horizons_0001) with hyphens (Horizons-0001). Did I ask you to do that? Do you do it consistently on every file? Why no, no I didn't ask you to change my filenname and no, no you don't do it consistently on every file. So not only do you obfuscate my filenname as the title, I sometimes get files with underscores, and I sometimes get files with hyphens and somehow I'm supposed to be okay with that. IP.Gallery likes to sing the alphabet backwards and count backwards. Because when schoolchildren learn the alphabet, they definitely learn the Letter Z is the first letter of the alphabet. Or in my case, watch a sunset in reverse. Because that makes so much sense. Instead of having IPS Support give me a superficial answer that purports to say "everything is working as intended", how has no one from IPS taken a step back and realized the ridiculousness of their numbering system / file renaming?
  5. My tickets are being automatically marked as resolved WITHOUT any notification to me. For example, Tickets #973642 and 973348
  6. Have you submitted a ticket on his website?
  7. They do. They even made a whole blog post about it for this feature in v4.1.17:
  8. Did you recently try to upgrade? See this post: You should go to and try to finish your upgrade. Your website should be fine without paying for support. The license and the software still work.
  9. It sounds like your primary concern is the domain name (, correct? If that is so, then it'll be the same on the Cloud or self-hosted. Both allow a custom domain name. The major difference between the cloud or self-hosted is whether you want a managed hosting experience where you only worry about your community, or if you like to fiddle and tinker and install other software and need more control over your own server.
  10. The same with me. I personally think it's because "Likes" appear on the forums, so users are more accustomed to it and just aren't aware of the star ratings as much.
  11. They have "Highest Rated" which uses the star ratings. But they don't have "Most Liked" which uses the reputation system.
  12. In the IPS suite, you would be better off utilizing IP.Pages and the database system, which is much more powerful and open-ended application to create as many tutorial systems, trackers, or article management systems as you want. This is doable: If you want to do this during the conversion step, you will need customization to the converter. If you want to do this after the fact, you can use the plugin "Promote Posts to to Articles" which will move your topic into an IP.Pages record.
  13. In the stream's settings, have you looked at "Show me" settings: Content items, comments, and reviews Content items only
  14. Can you elaborate on what you want? I'm a soon-to-be power user of IP.Downloads (I have roughly 72,000 files that need to eventually be uploaded), and my only two requests for IP.Downloads are: Batch upload from FTP Show subcategory files if category is empty / placeholder
  15. They just need to build @Adriano Faria into the core