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  1. New: Promoting Content

    Not automatic, and no G+
  2. (This might already be available, but my 4.2 diagnostic test site is offline right now) Notification when one of your content items become a Recommended Reply or Socially Promoted. This gives a nice public acknowledgement to the user that his post has been specially selected by the moderstor.
  3. Xenforo 1.2 to IPB

    For the gallery, are you using the official XF Media Gallery? The officially XFMG is supported by the IPS converters. If you're using another gallery plug-in, then you will need to convert your gallery to XFMG first.
  4. Clubs sidebar

    I know @opentype made a good suggestion about more control over the club sidebar by turning the existing sidebar items into blocks that can be placed by the admin, but I like your idea of club controlled blocks.
  5. I have to give props to the IPS team

    I think they made this change a couple of versions back. You should check the release notes. There's also a plug-in (I believe by @Edward Shephard) for the same functionality.
  6. Anyone here a domain investor?

    Deep down, I'm always secretly pleased when someone thinks they can cybersquat my little niche domain in my tiny corner of the great big Interwebs. That means there is someone, somewhere out there in the world who thinks I will be wildly more successful than I really am and think I can eventually afford a five digit asking price for my domain's variations. It's nice to know that someone believes in my success when I'm trying so very little to achieve it
  7. Hey Saurabh,

    I noticed that some of the links in your signature need to be updated.  Hope this helps!  

  8. Mass delete users

    If this is a new occurrence, then I encourage you to also: 1. Start requiring admin approval of new registrations 2. Update your Q&A challenges to make them harder 3. Mark the members as spam so the information gets fed into the IPS spam service network, which will propagate and protect all IPS communities.
  9. Notifications Idea

    You might be able to utilize the plugin "Linked Accounts" by @Adriano Faria to quickly switch between accounts / receive notifications:
  10. Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"

    Translating language strings and phrases is something that can be done very easily in the IPS. You don't need additional coding knowledge, you don't need a special feature built to translate one app's name when IPS has a comprehensive system of translating everything, and it's all done through the ACP. It's easy to work with even for someone has no programming knowledge. IPS wrote an entire series of guides to get you acquainted with languages: You should skip ahead to "Translating using the standard editor"
  11. Bookmarks / Favorites

    I would be interested as well.
  12. Status Updates

    There are default blocks for both of those. Make sure you're logged into admin, then on the front-end open up the Block Manager. You may also want to check out Advanced Status Updated in the Marketplace.
  13. Club Categories?

    To clarify, they are talking about custom fields for Clubs. ACP > Community > Clubs > Custom Fields button You can define custom fields for clubs to organize and sort. With that said, I want to take a moment to provide comprehensive feedback to IPS in overall suite-wide organization and filtering. Most IPS apps use traditional top-down hierarchical organization like categories > subcategories. The hierarchy organization is the traditional, well-understood method of organization to all admins and is what is used most broadly in the suite. Both admins and users understand that you start at the top, then go through the categories -> subcategories to find your information. The live filtering, on the other hand, is becoming more widespread on the Internet and newer generations of users will be more comfortable with this dynamic view to immediately view the content without going through the levels of hierarchy. Regardless of how IPS wants to adopt each method, I think there's opportunity to apply it more consistently and with more depth throughout the suite. This is how the IPS apps are organized: Forums are organized by categories. Galleries are organized by categories. Downloads are organized by categories. Commerce is organized by categories. Pages / databases are organized by categories. (I'm sensing a pattern here ...) Clubs are organized by live filtering. (Whoops, pattern broken). It's no wonder that IPS clients have consistently and repeatedly requested categorization of clubs. It's been requested at least five times in the comments of the News announcement (here, here, here, here, and here). It's something that makes sense, is consistent with the rest of the suite, and is well-understood by users and admins. It's going to be very hard to break admins from their status quo of traditional organization. With that said, I personally think the future is moving away from traditional organization to live dynamic filtering, so I'm glad you're embracing features like Fluid Forums and live filtering for Clubs. However, I think it's unusual that you offer the feature for only Clubs and not apply it to your existing apps. If you want clients to eventually embrace the live filtering as a concept, I think there's a huge opportunity to provide the fluid views to all of your apps.
  14. The bug tracker not present in the Menu

    That might be intentional, since they archived / hid the original 4 bugtracker and only want clients who follow the alpha and beta directions to view the tracker.
  15. New: Complete Your Profile

    I think it's a bug. When you create Profile Completion after members already joined, the Profile Completion doesn't apply to prior members. It shows as 100% completion even though required fields are missing. I tested on the 42 diag site. Check your opentype_tester account. What does the Profile Completion in your account show? Also, I agree with CP's observation that once you dismiss the completion bar, it permanently hides it (which I think is contrary to the entire point of the completion bar).