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  1. Fala @Adriano Faria eu era cliente do seu antigo site, você atende pedido ainda? não consegui mandar PM...
  2. Yes
  3. No results were found
  4. It is a very useful application But I missed the search for words, not only by letter I'm looking for a way to look like this: and not like this:
  5. ehehehe
  6. @Charles Will the warn REALLY expire on this update? Because even after it 'expires' it continues counting as warn, and goes adding up until the user is banned
  7. I want to know if the 'ips hosting' supports DDoS attacks I also want to know if it only serves to forum or I can put my wordpress blog on it too, and if it goes no way I can do to keep the two in different hosts
  8. ​@Hulu8004 me too
  9. As has summarized the content of the index this time ? "read more"
  10. not work ipb 3.4.5
  11. I put the team above the avatar icon, how do I put the pips below the avatar?
  12. awesome
  13. @z1000-forum.de, work 3.4.5?
  14. I use linux. :)
  15. - I have no more interest in using the hook, but if you want to resolve this error, it would be a good to other members!