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  1. @Charles Will the warn REALLY expire on this update? Because even after it 'expires' it continues counting as warn, and goes adding up until the user is banned
  2. I want to know if the 'ips hosting' supports DDoS attacks I also want to know if it only serves to forum or I can put my wordpress blog on it too, and if it goes no way I can do to keep the two in different hosts
  3. ​@Hulu8004 me too
  4. As has summarized the content of the index this time ? "read more"
  5. not work ipb 3.4.5
  6. I put the team above the avatar icon, how do I put the pips below the avatar?
  7., work 3.4.5?
  8. I use linux. :)
  9. - I have no more interest in using the hook, but if you want to resolve this error, it would be a good to other members!
  10. Without the "pip and team icons" works. But with him ... is this.
  11. Only the "pips and team icons"
  12. hello, This bug occurs after I select the secondary group... " alt="ONvATGi.png">
  13. File Name: [RIC4] Society TEAM File Submitter: ric4rdo File Submitted: 02 Feb 2013 File Category: Group Team Icons Ranks perfect for simple skins. Easy editing. Developed in Photoshop CS5 Separator staff-user. Contains:Administrator Moderator VIP Member Is a .PSD, it is mandatory the use of Photoshop to edit the project! Click here to download this file