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  1. I am going to dream more...
  2. Love this feature...
  3. Still dreaming....
  4. Nice...
  5. I feel like I am in heaven last few days... lol! Please do not wake me up...
  6. Holly Cow.... This is absolutely amazing...
  7. +++++++++++
  8. Amazing..... Excellent addition....
  9. +++
  10. Well done IPB...
  11. Finally, long overdue, thank you IPS team...
  12. Ok... From now we are here...
  13. Thank you for the update @CodingJungle, I have uploaded new version 2.2.3 and here is what I got from... Forum name : Entertainment, Art, Movies and I got EA Forum name : Health - Diet and I got H (only one letter, maybe spaces is causing some problem, eliminating the - but thinks space is intentionally there)
  14. Never mind I figured it out (forum image question).. Your app is doing exactly same thing as other images... One small problem for me for Forum images, if the forum name like this News - Entertainment The image take N- (Dash) is there anyway to eliminate that dash from the image without eliminating from Forum name My settings are Dual letters: Yes Only 2 Names: No And a suggestion or maybe a request: Can we individually edit a member avatar? Can you make this happen?