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  1. Group Collaboration Badges

    First off, awesome plugin. Here is what I am looking for. So right now I run a gaming community that also has "mini clans" within it using the collaborations system. So as you may know I have community wide ranks such as Admin, and then ranks within the collabs. Right now I want the collab ranks to display the rank/role image under the title, but it is being displayed at the bottom of the postcontainer. Is there anyway I can choose where to put the role images? As you can see it is under the steam widget, can I get it moved to under "captain"? above my avatar?
  2. Member Lists Pro

    What about the new features, such as filters etc?
  3. Member Lists Pro

    @fosters How is it going? Any news?
  4. Did you fix the issue that messing up the Page's databases?
  5. Post Color Highlight

    Awesome update, will be fun to use this
  6. [CV01] Twitch Featured Streamers

    Adding this plugin made my page load times crazy slow. My average page index load is around 250-400 ms, when adding this plugin it is between 3 and 5 seconds. This needs to be optimized badly....
  7. CJ Menu

    Not only is this menu application amazing, the developer is even more amazing. I received quick responses and super fast resolution to my issues. I would recommend this application to anyone and look forward to seeing what else CodingJungle comes out with!
  8. Member Lists Pro

    Any update on 1.1?
  9. I am not sure if this has been mentioned before as I don't really have time to look back through this thread as I am at work. I was doing some debugging on my forums as I have been having issues with the "Pages" application. My issue was certain database settings were not saving when I saved them and after disabling and trying one application at a time I found that "Advanced Tags & Prefixes" is the application that is causing the problem. More indepth with the issue I was having: I would create a database, select a custom key, and change how the database is displayed "categories or not etc" When I would save the database, it would use the old database key, and the display settings would not save, every time I tried to change the settings the outcome was the same. After disabling the prefix app, it works fine now. I hope you are able to resolve this issue as I have plans to use this application but my databases working correctly is more important atm.
  10. Donations Support

    So let me get this right, I am making a user group for donors on my site, but here is how I want it to work. User A Donates -> If they donated within the amount range selected for the promotion to donor it checks to see if their primary group is NOT one of the excluded groups here: If their primary rank is one of the excluded groups, it changes their secondary to donor? Is that how it works>?
  11. Manage Validating Members

    Would it be possible to change it from "Approve or Ban" to "Approve or Delete". I would prefer to just delete the account if my admins can't contact member to begin the joining process, and sometimes people just go afk. I want them to be able to register again in the case that we delete their registration.
  12. I am very excited, this is one big thing my community has been asking for.
  13. Donations Support

    Do you have any plans to support the rules application? I would love to automate a donation medal with some conditions via the rules app.
  14. Looks awesome man, can't wait for this to be completed. Keep it up!
  15. Member Lists Pro

    Any ETA on version 1.1?