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  1. Image Resizing

    On IPB 4 and this option is still not available... Talk about ignoring your users for years and years. Yes there is an option to show image in a max size but IPB still saves the full image.
  2. Hi. I'm using IPS as a gallery site ( It's a huge part of my community. I've recently begun to speculate about users being able to sell their photos that they upload. I bought the Nexus app with high hopes that it could handle such a feature but what a big disappointment it was. The only big part it added (from a user point of view) was the ability to add purchase option to the download app. Will you offer better integration in the future between commerce and rest of the apps? I'm thinking about the ability to add coupons, sales and so on and maybe a way to sell photos directly from the gallery app instead of adding every single photo again in the downloads app. It takes up unnecessary hosting space and traffic. Or maybe a way to sell downloads from the commerce section. There's no way to link a product inside the commerce app. Thankful for feedback about future plans of the commerce and shop part of IPS.
  3. "Featured Image" for IP Blog 4.0?

    Bump... A featured image for blog posts are pretty much standard in all blog software today. Atleast a make an IPS addon for it so users can choose =)
  4. Sooo...

    This. Also if the core software (forum) was free I would be able to use it my five different sites, giving IPS more shares and more advertisement. As it is now I can only afford one purchase/subscription. Which means I'm using and advertising four freewares instead of 5 IPS. If IPS forum was free it would take over the entire forum market. People using free softwares like SMF, phpBB or myBB would switch in a second and probably be willing to pay for the apps and support. And forums using VB would transfer as well i think since VB 5 connect is really bad. Just a thought.
  5. Buy license or use the same?

    Alright, bummer. That would mean more than $2200. Guess it's open source for those then. Thanks
  6. Buy license or use the same?

    I have a question about license. If I have a license but run several sites (Im the owner and admin of them all), would I have to buy a seperate license for each site I wish to run IPS on or can I use the same license? And if I need to buy a license can I somehow buy just the license without having to buy all the softwares again since I already have those?
  7. Sooo...

    Thanks guys. Im really happy with IPS 4. Such a huge difference between this and v.3. And yes, I admit it, so much better and feature rich than vBulletin 5. Im glad you persuaded me. /Happy IPS user
  8. Cookie Notice

    Very nice. Would have been good if you could set a custom text to the button as well, but overall a good plugin.
  9. TXT & PHP Widget

    Awesome, does what it says and in my opinion a better way for ads use since you can put the ads exactly where you want them. Well done.
  10. Sooo...

    Point proven. Thanks for a valid argument and not just "herp derp, get out if you don't like it". You sir have just, with this quote, convinced me to renew my license instead of using vB. Thanks
  11. Sooo...

    With that said I do have a question though. If I reactivate my current license of IPS 3 do I get access to IPS 4 or am I forced to buy a new license and buy all apps all over again?
  12. Sooo...

    vBulletin 5 connect is a suit that has everything IP has (except albums). Yes, even a way to make pages and articles. "Includes free forum support for life of vBulletin 5 Connect and one month of ticket support (includes ability to download vB4, which we will no longer sell separately)." "Include native iOS and Android mobile apps for your site and get the bundled discount! Providing mobile apps will ensure the best experience for your mobile users, so they'll come back and engage more regularly." All this for $399. Take away the last quote and its $249. Choosing the same functionality with IP apps comes to a total of $275 (on sale, $375 off sale) + $50 every sixth month just to renew a license I buy...
  13. Sooo...

    Is this ever going to drop in price so a normal person can afford it? I remember buying the old version of IPB and is still very happy with it. I came here in thoughts to upgrade but no... Almost $500 to buy a full suit and then another renewal every six month, and no option to upgrade for a cheaper price for us that are already customers... It saddens me to say that I'm going for vBulletin connect this time. And that's also what I'm going to recommend my customers from now on. You might strive to be the best and setting price accordingly, only problem is, you're not the best and never will be when competing software are so much cheaper. It was a good run, but now it's over. Greed caught up with the IPB team, and I don't support greed over quality. Good luck in the future.
  14. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature

    How can I translate the "answered" text in the topic view? *edit* Never mind, solved it =)