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  1. I am not sure, but in ADs system you can deliver the AD code to certain forum/topic by Forum ID. is it possible to use some kind of IF-ELSE loop for device during parsing of the code? because you would probably not switch between the different styles on 1 device in 1 session and if page is called from the phone you deliver only the code for mobile ad.
  2. Hi found 1 issue. Conflict with Ktichen Sink if it is enabled then eve if "Top Month posters" is still visible in the top of the page it generates for url /index.php?/monthtopposters/ if KS disabled, no problem
  3. Hi, @newbie LAC yes that would be great but this is not in the current 1.0.3 version? (purchased, but could not find it)
  4. I would also be interested in such feature, I have some forums with pure blah-blah, and would be great to exclude them from this great stat.
  5. Hi @Flitterkill could you pls help with several topics have found the incompatibility of 2 plugins KS and can you pls have a look? it seems to be similar to one of the previous cases in this topic (details in the link) 2. Could not find the language entry for "Last reply" for the topic view, added by KS. Is it possible to translate?
  6. You are right issue is with Thanks
  7. Hi, just install on fresh and do not see the pin button in posts tried uninstall/install, and on default theme too.
  8. @newbie LAC Thank you for support!! Great app, works great! @Edward Shephard may be interesting for you to correct in the plugin.
  9. Found out it conflicts with this plugin
  10. Hi, is it compatible with I just installed it and try to execute the example from the 1st post. The add apears, but the whole design exploded, all menus are open
  11. Does plugin check if the last post before bump was also made by topic starter?
  12. Just bought the app, found 1 problem: if I have a "," (comma) in the test inside the table cell, it places the text after the comma in the next cell, and ruining the table