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  1. Can you please give me the link to how to add a background image.
  2. Is it possible to change the font size for the comments in blog? Please help and reply!
  3. Hi I think this problem is back but I cant see to find .galattach on tctc91
  4. No sorry, message them see what they say. I think it was ok with 3.4.0 and with the 3.4.1 the issue was caused.
  5. It was a issue with IPB 3.4.1 they have fixed it now, this is what they said : That was because all of your Groups were missing the "Group Formatting Suffix" entries to close the span and strong tags. I've corrected those and the site is working properly now. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you. Mark Higgins Invision Power Services, Inc.
  6. So would there be a fix? should i unstall and install it again?
  7. Hey no i reported on my earlier post that making my change made all my fonts bold, am also using arial font and still no change
  8. this is what i changed in css styles h3, strong { font-weight: 600; } em { font-style: italic; } img, .input_check, .input_radio { vertical-align: middle; } legend { display: none; } table { width: 100%; } td { padding: 3px; }
  9. I changed it to 600 in styles css and all my font is bold? anyone can help?
  10. Hi I tried this now all the text is bold?
  11. The headers or the maintitle. on the blog and the download is not appearing with the theme. I made so many css edits and now everything is gone thinking the new update will fix this, have to do it all over again such a disappointment. wont be updating again if not needed.
  12. where is 1.04??????
  13. Please dont forget to fix this, there is a new share_icon on each post and when you click on its a mess. and the header on the blog and downloads
  14. Hey I wanted to make a few edits on the css like changing the font the colour to black, and few other stuff and it doesnt seem to change, even if a pressctrl f5? do you how i could fix this?
  15. The coloured headers or the "maintitle" dont work on blog or download!