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  1. it's possible to update version 1.0.8 with latest version?
  2. it's possible to combine image viewer in csssprite for futur update
  3. For help rookies edit 'Search and Display' just flag only edit and change : <strong>{title}:</strong> {content} by {content}
  4. i'ts possible to force rebuild post?
  5. working in 3.4.7 in my forum but viewer ban flood too easy
  6. i don't have gif in my forum i have try code of prudated directory imgs is in good folder public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' code span <span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span> forum 3.4.5 i have just country: i have resolved with <span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='http://myurl/forum/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span> i search to remove country behind flag
  7. it's possible to add empty space in the top and bottom (padding) for ts3block css
  8. the bug appear after the update of ip.content for the other bug i have add "addons" prefix in forum and "coop" in subforum i try tomorrow i create subforum for subject with "addons". i think "addon" prefix disappear of the view of géneral forum
  9. solution possible for my problem?
  10. it's ok with ipb 3.4.1?
  11. with ip.content 2.3.3 no problem but version 2.3.4 no tag in articles exemple: tag in forum http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/forum/topic/1860-f27-coop-monsieur-propre-le-samedi-12-janvier-2013/#entry20862 no tag in home http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ old articles in the bottom have tag other bug: http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/forum/ in forum arma 2 in the right tag addon but it's tag coop normally??
  12. i have a bug when i promote to article (ip.content last version) prefix tag don't appear old article have good tag ipb 3.4.1 ip.content 2.3.4