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  1. I mean I see this application, but I cant make any changes because I did not see it in "settings"
  2. Hello. How do you think, what can be the problem - I update my community from 3.3.3 to 3.3.4, and now I can't install this Pages. (another applications was installed succesfuled) I uploaded all files from archive to admin folder, but no result - I did not see the message in ACP about instaling this application. How can I fix hat? Thanks.
  3. I don't know how but I fix it. I removed something from your template (something near H3 maintitle, and now I see all my pinned theme without refrash) One more time - you make a big work about this hook, thanks a lot!
  4. Oh yeah, it works! Thank you very much! but Is this way for only one pinned theme? I create a couple of them, but when I refresh the page, first second I see both of them and after that I can see only one pinned theme. Is it possible to make a 5 (as example) pinned theme?
  5. Hi Adriano, How can I modify you amazing hook to show only pinned topics on main page? Thank you.