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  1. Sounds good Marcher. My new WP-posts will not create a new post in IP.Board. My settings are correct as far as I can see, and I have tried several times. Any ideas what could be wrong? This cross-commenting is the most important feature to me.
  2. This sounds like a fantastic thing, Marcher. And no need for ioncube. 60$ is ok, because I know you support your customers. I will buy this, but I have one question - and I know it doesnt really have anything to do with your product here. For WP and IPB to be truly integrated for me, I would really love to have "div id=header_bar" from IPB fully functioning in my WP theme. This would erase any need for login-boxes on the WP-side and tie both installations together in a professional matter. If you would help me (us) achieve this I predict even more people will be attracted to buy this "bridge". Is this something you would like to do, or is it completely irrelevant for this product? I know your main competitor offers a solution to this, but I would rather buy from you to be honest.
  3. One year later, and the answer is still "no".
  4. Ok, I need help again. The system is working fine, and I love it - but I got another issue. - When people use the Reputation System like "Like This" in posts, it ups the members total amount. (I dont want that, I just want it to show whats donated, which it does just fine until someone likes a post. The persons post that is 'liked' is awarded more dollars which they havent actually donated)) - I have disabled everything possible in the configs for ibE. Forum-points in ibE are all set to '0.00'. Wheres the option to disallow giving points through the 'Like' buttons? - To stop this from happening, I had to disable the reputations system. (but I really want it to function) EDIT: Disabling the "Points Per Rep" hook solved that problem. (duuuuuuh) (thanks to Marcher for pointing to the hooks)
  5. Oh really now, thats fantastic. Thanks for the fast reply :smile:
  6. Hey, thanks for a nice mod. But I have a rather obvious question: PayPal IPN Notification URL - what should it be set to ? just www.website.com/ ?