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  1. Rich text editor

    guys any chance to get classic BBC code?This is bulsh**,first time i ever see engine without BBC.And i paid for a licence without knowing that
  2. Smf HTML to IP BBC

    What do you meen under "re-build" ? Thanks
  3. Smf HTML to IP BBC

    Hi guys. I'm about to convert smf to IP board. Is there any converter that converts html code to bbc?Over 40.000 posts with html tags (size,color,etc...) will looks ugly. Thanks
  4. Thanks for answer mate,i realy appreciated cause i realy need this asap.Regards
  5. Thanks for answer.Is there a possibility to wait longer than 48h if tomorow is saturday?
  6. Hi guys. Sorry if this is not a propper place for this question. This morning i paid for Ip board+ portal with credit card.How long i need to wait before get confirmation? Thanks