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  1. supports gif?
  2. The app has a bug or some sort of error. When I run it as administrator, I can see all the buttons, 9 altogether. I change the position of the buttons and they seem to remain in the new order. Here is a screen capture as administrator. The problem is when I run the app as a user, who oviously should see fewer button than an administrator. Well, when I run it as a user, the buttons have changed places and icons. A screen capture as a user. As you may see, the two icons on the right have changed.
  3. Yes now thank you very much Faria Adriano
  4. but now if you update get this error: Sorry, there is a problem. Something went wrong. Try again. Error Code: EX1054
  5. still installed, uninstall lose if the content. that's the problem.
  6. Tutorials I can not upgrade to 2.1.0 2.1.0 RC 2 RC 3 what you do not understand? sent upgrade to Version 2.1.0 RC 3 and no change.
  7. I can not send a new version 2.1.0 RC 3
  8. as I can do to upgrade to Version 2.1.0 RC 3?
  9. Hi Adriano Faria. I can not upgrade to Version 2.1.0 RC 3 I remove and reinstall if I lose my tutorials
  10. Dear Sir, I keep to your instructions and substitute as you told me but when I select truncate, the post is always complete, no matter the number of lines that I set. The only thing that changes is a text right below that displays a blank space and leaves the whole text right above. What I need to display first is the image of the post right above, and then some text. Regards.
  11. Text hides nothing Truncate main topic - 20 out full
  12. No changes at all
  13. still the same you checked it?
  14. Yes please..
  15. main image and then some text. For it is not very long post