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  1. A short term work around I used was to make it a WYSIWYG Editor and use media tags to embed the video. Not ideal but it works for now.
  2. I've done everything as instructed. Just tried to add a new field in the Manage Article Fields menu, and it's not there either. Maybe it's IPB 3.3? Has anyone else tried it with the latest forum update?
  3. Excellent, thank you. That's much appreciated. I've just come to install the mod from scratch on a fresh IPB install (3.3) and everything looks okay until I am editing the Fields for the database. When entering Field Type for the Media field, the option for "Media URL/File Input" is no longer there. Has it been renamed? Thanks
  4. Thanks for being honest, please let me know if you find anything. Thank you.
  5. Any help would be appreciated please. Thanks
  6. Hi there, just installed the module and everything is working nicely. Thanks. One question however is: Is there any way for the Category List block links to display videos of the category you select, plus the videos from any sub categories as well? i.e. ----Top Category --------Sub Category 1 ------------Sub Category 1.1 --------Sub Category 2 If I select Sub Category 1, all videos in Sub Category 1 AND Sub Category 1.1 show on the returned results page. Thanks.