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  1. EX145 on home page

    I suffered this very same error last night after the MySQL server crashed. I was going to restore from a backup also but I thought I'd give the new forum's trouble-shooter a go first. I'm happy to say that it helped resolve the issue, as follows:: Went to my forum's admin dashboard, then to Support, then "I have a problem" - this told me the name of the MySQL table that had crashed (core_sessions), and I went and used PHP MyAdmin to repair it. After this the forum was fine and the dashboard advised I should run a few tasks that had failed to run while the database was unavailable. No guarantee this will work for others but adding it just in case anyone searches for the error.
  2. Convert PHPBB to IP Hosted forum

    Yes I just realised the package includes access to FTP and cPanel. It should then be possible.
  3. Convert PHPBB to IP Hosted forum

    It's not looking good. I'm a bit annoyed to be honest, we purchased a 40-user sub after seeing that it was possible to bring the current posts/members/etc with us. The pre-sales statements about being able to convert don't mention anything about the converting function being for self-hosted forums only.
  4. Is it possible to convert a self-hosted PHPBB forum to a IP-hosted forum? All the instructions I've seen for converting seem to relate to self-hosted IP forums only.