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  1. Naming for spoilers

    +1 💤
  2. Many times users register to the community using their Facebook, Twitter or other services and use their profile image from this social networks as IPS profile image. But they can delete their profile image from this services and it results in 404 error in IPS profile image. Please add the image proxy cache for profile images also. Thanks!
  3. New: Richer Embeds

    Perfect!!! On external embeds (instagram, facebook, etc), could you please add the proxy cache to avoid 404 if the embedded content is deleted on the source, just like it happens now with embedded images?
  4. Nice! But one more script to load.
  5. How to resize emoji?
  6. Yes! It's time! ☺
  7. (BIM41) Featured Content

    It's perfect for the community frontpage!!! 😁
  8. Tags as keywords

  9. Add Next Topic Link For Guests

    Yes, please add this!
  10. Integration with Twitter Cards

    Thanks a lot! 🙂🙂🙂
  11. Integration with Twitter Cards

    @opentype, is there a way to use tags as meta keywords?
  12. Integration with Twitter Cards

    This code is not fine because results in multiple metatags for keywords: {{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['keywords'] = $record->tags();}} Result in:
  13. Integration with Twitter Cards

    It's working for me: {{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['description'] = 'Text ' . $record->_title . ', text ' . $record->container()->_title . ', text ' . $record->author()->name . '.';}} What about the tags as keywords?
  14. Integration with Twitter Cards

    Is there a way to mix text and strings? I want to output record's description mixing a common description text and with strings: record title and database category name. And is there an easy way to use tags as keywords?
  15. New: Calendar Venues

    Please, allow google places to mark events and photos!