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  1. On the current version or on the new release?
  2. Great! I need it for pages! Is the new version coming? 😺
  3. IPS supports embeded content from many third party websites, but does not support embeds from third party IPS Communities. It would be nice this feature to provide better interaction between different IPS communities.
  4. If the admin user clicks on followers he can remove followers, but cannot quick add followers. Please, add this feature.
  5. News about this?
  6. @CodingJungle could help? How to retrieve only the image file name, not the path to the record image or attached images.
  7. Pages category items listing have order by for listing. Frontpage template has no order by. Please add this feature to Frontpage template.
  8. Please, make editable the fields that are shown on Pages category items. There are some order by for category database fields that have no sense for my community, like "teaser paragraph". For exemple, I have no teaser paragraph in any record. So the order by this field makes no sense. The same logic for another custom fields that I would not want to be shown on order by.
  9. Now Facebook recommends that the og:image atribute should be also followed by "og:image:width" and "og:image:height". Please add this to IPS.
  10. How to get the image name for alt atribute?
  11. Yes, that's simple and logical! 😺
  12. AMP is already at Google Search Console. It is a must, IPS cannot stay behind this...
  13. wants to drop bouncer data? ALTER TABLE `ip_boardcore_members` DROP INDEX `bouncer_disabled`, DROP INDEX `bouncer_warning`, DROP INDEX `bouncer_spam`; This is the AdminCP point errors on DB.
  14. Instead of using microdata for, I suggest the update to JSON-LA that is the recommended by google. JSON-LA makes easy to edit the templates, that will me more clean and organized. And please, make it easy to customize the built in code JSON-LA.