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  1. Yes, it can encourage sign ups!
  2. Please add it! 😃
  3. Any news about this?
  4. In the activities stream there is a thumbnail for files, but there is no thumbnail for databases records that have record image. It would be nice to have the same behavior for databases records.
  5. Same problem here. It seems that the issue will be solved on 4.1.16.
  6. Hello, Is the mail bouncer ready for bounce domain?
  7. I have also suggested it months ago for system consistency across apps.
  8. Maybe it could be reported as a bug.
  9. How does it work?
  10. Yes, it would be a nice add on for brazilians custumers.
  11. Yes, a local search would be awesome.
  12. In our community we want to save all external images (http and https) and cache them forever to avoid 404s. We have many posts with more than 10 years old and missing images destroy the ranking and the user experience.
  13. I preffer the auto embed for images attached, but would be nice if there is an option to change this behavior if the poster doesn't want the auto embed, like pasting content embed.
  14. Great feature.