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  1. Hello, I have a question. Can I do that: Pages install on domainA.com, other apps (board, store, blog) install on domainB.com, next when user logged in on domainA.com is automatically logged in domainB.com? And next on domainB.com I want to sell premium account (subscribtion via Store and after purchase user changed group). When user buys premium account on domainB.com and gets group X is any possible to user have the same permission on domainA.com?
  2. Hello, will be upgrade to 3.4.X, cause i am looking forwrd it for months... thanks for reply
  3. When new topic is created {%file_id%} it is not replaced by file ID. in admin/applications_addon/other/froggy/sources/publicFroggy.php you must find: $content = str_replace(array('{%file%}', '{%buyer_email%}', '{%buyer_name%}','{%file_id%}'), array($file, $data['cust_email'], $data['cust_name']), $this->settings['froggy_forum__post_content'],$data['file']); and replace to: $content = str_replace(array('{%file%}', '{%buyer_email%}', '{%buyer_name%}','{%file_id%}'), array($file, $data['cust_email'], $data['cust_name'], $data['file']), $this->settings['froggy_forum__post_content'],$data['file']);
  4. ok, address not match forums
  5. These links don't work. Please fix it
  6. the same.
  7. When do you add new version ?
  8. Bump... @Mark can you answer?
  9. How to do it to make user be log on IP.Content on domain1.com and on forum on domain2.com ?
  10. Bump ?
  11. Does IPS Connect allows to use IP.Content on domain1.com and Board on domain2.com and user will be able to log on both apps?