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  1. I agree with this. Full documentation is here: https://stripe.com/docs/bitcoin
  2. That's almost never the right way to get help. @Veilon is very responsive if you took the time to look back at previous issues I reported. Please don't bring toxicity or rudeness here.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the quick update!
  4. This plugin now causes forum to go into 500 errors on Had to disable it.
    I've been looking for a hook with this functionality! Awesome!!!
  5. That was the first thing I did Issues still exist after that. Also found new issue with editor (Checkbox and submit reply areas are smushed with the elements above them):
  6. These issues still exist in 1.0.3.
  7. When uploading a new file, once there are enough tags to put them on a new line, they are separated. However, the line does not move, so you end up with 'floating' tags. When uploading a file via url, the confirm button is white, and the number of URLs indicated in the top right hand corner (in this image, a '1') is cut off:
  8. Since there is no function in the theme currently to 'create' (File, topic, etc), maybe the '+' circle that floats with the page, should be changed to the create function, instead of blocks manager?
  9. Downloads section featured file slider is completely jumbled:
  10. Rating of a topic looks like it's flowing out of background box. The action buttons possibly are too (not sure if those are by design).
  11. Awesome! I'll be test driving this theme today, and I'll let you know of any other issues I find
  12. Issues I've found since purchasing: "Use rounded photos" does not apply by default. I had to uncheck, save, then recheck the setting to get round photos. The word 'Screenshots' Is underneath any tags for files in the Download application. (see screenshot below) The 'download' button is blank. HUGE bug for me, and I can't use this theme till that's fixed. (see screenshot below) The '+' icon which is used for block management, is under the content on most pages (see screenshot below) Many words in the ACP settings are incorrect or misspelled.
  13. I also have the breadcrumb/navigation icons not showing. As well as the G+ 'blank' tooltip. Icons are served via your server (font/css if I'm not mistaken), so this won't cause that warning. My site runs SSL with these and have no such issue. Do a "View Page Source" then search for "http:" to find your culprit.
  14. Google Chrome, Windows 10.