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  1. I am still interested to buy "Owned" badge
  2. That should not be done, people still should be able to purchase files so they can use 3.4.x mods.. so IPS does not care anymore about ppl using 3.4.x and not wanting to upgrade to 4.x? That is sad. We are small community with wide range of custom modifications - we are simply unable to update every part of our board to work with 4.x IPS refused to make importer, they just offer upgrade of current version what is not perfect solution for small and medium communities with range of custom modifications and small budget, that is sad too. Anyway, thanks.
  3. Hello, Would you be able to add calendar field type which would display calendar upon click? The IPB integrated field. Please.
  4. Suite

    Hi, I use Agile IPS3 version, When front-end background picker is disabled from theme options I get this in my font forum page: http://scr.hu/0r7w/3af0t any solutions? Thanks
  5. Hello, We like the new abilities of IPS4 Commerce, it is really nice product, much nicer than 3.4.x version, however we would still look for some sort of changes in upgrade system. For now the upgrade.downgrade system allows to up/downgrade to package from same category of lower or higher price. We would really look for option where we would be able to Multi-Select which packages specified package may downgrade or upgrade to, no matter it is in same category or not. That brings much more flexibility and allows to organize the store front better. Similar story to move to new group on e.g. purchase. We would love to be able to select group to which we move on purchase and to which we move back upon expiry. For now it simply returns to previous group, but if we would like to move to other group to keep ex-customers sorted we have no such ability. Sorting this via custom action is also nto good as leaves mess in data of return previous group and in case of renewal by Customer and another expiration he gets moved to wrong group then. Making us able to select where really we want to move Customer upon expiry would be much better solution. Hoping to see the change soon in Commerce. Great work anyway.
  6. Does FAQ IPS4 version allows to point to specified answer via direct URL?
  7. Good.. will exporter/importer from 3.4.x to 4.x will be available too together with updated converters? We also wait to move to fresh 4.1.x from our current 3.4.x instead performing upgrade, then we are free to renew all of our application subscriptions again! Cannot wait it
  8. Too bad, IPS could provide is as one of templates available within Pages, that would make the Suite more like ready-to-use set containing all modules Admin may look for: bug tracker, tutorial, release notes and more - especially they have it all done already.
  9. Can you clarify? The Guides come as ready-to-use templates/system along with Pages application?
  10. Hello, Does guides system like here https://community.invisionpower.com/4guides/ is available within the 4.x Suite?
  11. Hi, We have ability to configure products that must be linked to other products, that is awesome. Comparing to 3.4.x the 4.x.x is allowing to view child products without having parent one purchased or in cart -> that is good advantage! However, when having no parent product purchased or at least in cart when we will go to child product page we will have no button to purchase it (because we have no parent product) - would be good to add information or display all available parent products for the child product we are viewing, so Customer may know what is going on and instead searching will go straight to one of products that should be purchased first (parent products) What you think?
  12. @CodingJungle, I am aware of such functionality, this is how we use it in 3.4.x - however it is problematic at some level in case of many many products. Would be much easier to type the message in editor box (in product configuration level) and select right away on what moment the PM should be sent instead linking many custom actions - we already got lost (because of so many products) of where is what "after sale" message. It is common among many Commerce applications that automated message after purchase is being sent. Such functionality would be welcome in Nexus too as a part of 1st stage Customer communication
  13. Looking simple and nice. So now the Release Notes in such nice style as in here are missing
  14. Hi, I would love to see a built-in feature for Commerce that would send automated PM/Email with instructions (any message body entered by board admin) etc. We have done it as custom on our previous 3.4.x board, however now it would be nice to have it built-in. Less customs makes the systems better.
  15. @Charles, thank for your attention. I believe it can be done using Pages but as c++ dev community we look for the systems to be bundled in Pages or at least for a tutorial from IPS side of how to add them easy We look for ready-to-go solution that will allow us to focus on our Software DEV and the boards+apss (from IPS) would help us in that only. That's way bundled option or guide would be a lot helpful, thanks! EDIT: I have re-read your reply and I am confused, you mean the systems mentioned by me are bundled in Pages already or you meant they can be added by us using Pages?