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  1. Thank you @Charles!
  2. Hello, I have 2 IPB licenses running but one of my sites has a huge delay so I'm not using one of the licences. Can I pause them so my renewal comes later or is this impossible? Thanks in advance.
  3. Bedankt Vincent. Ik probeer het.
  4. Even proberen met een @VincentS
  5. Kan het zijn dat dit niet meer zo goed werkt met de laatste update? De data zijn bijvoorbeeld niet meer vertaald... Iemand anders hier ervaringen mee?
  6. Okay, I'll keep an eye on this topic.
  7. Does this also exclude from the activity stream?
  8. Any feedback on this request?
  9. And? Did you start with the conversion proces already?
  10. It seems ... nothing is on my mind.

  11. I think the OP is sure now!
  12. ​Ouch, how rude of me.
  13. Will this skin get a IPB4 update?
  14. Great, thanks for your replies! I'm truly happy this theme will also come to ipb4! :)
  15. First of all congrats with the theme. I've purchased a copy for my forums and happy that I did! Few questions: Will you export the theme to IPB 4.0 when it's released? What's the maximum dimensions for the logo? Can I change the board width because now it's too small in my opinion Thanks in advance!