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  1. Hi Mike, Didnt see anything regarding this problem I am having, When It does the greeting for birthdays topic it shows the html coding. If I manually go to the thread and click edit- allow HTML it shows up as intended- Forum allows HTML by groups allowed to Post HTML, and The user posting is allowed to post using HTML...Any ideas? The PM to member does the same thing...
  2. Hi, really like this mod... Is there a way to have it go on time alone- countdown to a specific time every day and then start again?
  3. That took care of it! Much respect :D
  4. Here is a screen shot with the hook enabled... Thanks!
  5. I love the way this looks, However I am getting an error on mobile skin?
  6. Are you still supporting this skin ?
  7. Hi. How do I resize a video from youtube to fit in the side bar?
  8. 3.3 update still doesnt address the image and members name issues we talked about in the PM.
  9. I need help changing the HTML codes.. I cant find them and dont have much experience with html and such.. I really dont want to mess around and screw things up. Can Anyone help me?
  10. Thanks.. Its now installed but I cant get the slide to work.. It actually shows a tab in the Nav bar labeled " Featured Content ".. I thought the slide would go on the forum itself and not a seperate page? Do you know How I can fix this?
  11. Hi I just recentley purchased this app and dont know how to get it going. I'm novice at best with coding and such.. Could you help me?
  12. Suite

    Can anyone tell me how I charge for the ad space with the classifieds app? I dont see a setting anywhere for this.
  13. Thanks for the reply guys.. I have my Database.SQL file that I am trying to install into my FTP.. How do I go about doing this? Do i need to convert that file first or just upload to the FTP?
  14. Hi I currently use phpbb3 self hosted and managed by forumatic. I was looking into switching over to your ip self hosted community. I was wondering what it will cost me to make the switch.. Do have to purchase the ip software and then purchase a monthly package? Or would I just pay for the monthly hosting package? And is setting the web page up as easy as forumatic? I have no coding or web building experience so I would need the switch to be as simple as possible.. Will all my data transfer successfully ? Like posts, pictures, avatars, and post counts and all.? Sorry for all the questions but I'm very new to this all..