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  1. Ok cool. Is this going to be months before it's fixed?
  2. Oh I meant the title page of it. The default is just subscriptions.
  3. On the right side it doesnt show the name colors.
  4. How do I change the title of the application?
  5. This still doesn't work for me... I could have sworn it was working at one point though.
  6. How do I make it so when a user buys a package they are sent to a different group but that group is a secondary? So basically they have 2 badges.
  7. It says tutorials system offline and I can't find out how to turn it on....I know, sad.
  8. After that happens and go onto the site then look at someones topic I get a database error. I have to keep fixing it. I'm not sure what is wrong.
  9. When I try to uninstall the app it it says "plugin not found" .
  10. Yes, I have everything was done. I'm going to retry uploading everything today. I'll let you know how it comes out.
  11. My page will not show up once everything is uploaded. I will try again.
  12. Ok I just PM'd you with an admin account username and password. I also found the boardindextemplate. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I need help with my slider. Is it possible to display it on all pages? Also I am unable to locate the boardindextemplate html bit. I'm not sure where to look.
  14. I am having trouble installing this hook. Can someone help?
  15. Thank you guys. I'm no longer worried.