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  1. That's where I fall down - I can do HTML and CSS but when it comes to the other I'm done lol. But thanks for the info on that - it would be nice if someone could create an app for the market place that does this
  2. Hi @Dylan Riggs I can't find that IMDB app in the Marketplace is that where I should be looking? There was a similar app for Xenforo which I initially used to set up the site that worked great using the IMDB alternative (TMDB), but I much prefer using Invision over Xenforo. Anything that can provide any kind of automation with parameters would be a dream lol. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  3. Thanks Mark - as per a previous comment about content I've worked pretty hard the last couple of weeks adding more content; there's still a lot more to do, but so far I've added 138 movies (almost all with trailers) with movie posters, extra forums, special features section (currently covering all the original and NG movies), loads of tweaks to the CSS for visual appeal and I have one member lol. That latter is the most difficult part, getting people to join and participate. I've made it really easy to register adding the Twitter and Facebook integrations as well as the usual registration form. I've opened a Twitter account and have followers; just opened a dedicated FB account, but it's slow going; one man band at the mo lol, but it's a passion more than anything else. Anyone wanting to see an update go to: sfmovies.co.uk BTW Mark, your skin is a dream to work with.
    This is an excellent piece of kit - works as intended and then some. Very easy to set up once you understand how it all works - I'm still adding bits to it as I find out more and the more you find out the better it becomes. The only thing I had to do outside the options was to change some of the CSS settings to better suit my needs; other than this I cannot fault the application at all. Great work! Highly recommended.
  4. Agreed and it is coming. Some hints and tips on advertising would be appreciated - how, where, when and the best ways. I've got a Twitter account set up with about 100 followers, not touched Facebook yet, but if there's any other places I'd love to know about them. Favicon is on the "to do" list. More movies are coming. Authors and books are in the pipeline and a few reviews are being written. There are also over 150 classic SF movie trailers just waiting for me to work on the covers/posters and then they'll be added. Thanks for the comments and advice - much appreciated.
  5. Just literally launched today - still a little bit of tweaking to do and a lot of content to add, but it's a start. http://sfmovies.co.uk/ Love to hear your feedback and any suggestions that might make the site more attractive to visitors turning them into members
  6. I have to agree totally - the recent support I received was outstanding and surprisingly quick; this involved migrating a Xenforo installation to 4.1.10 where the importer wasn't playing nice. The support staff were all great to deal with and in particular Stuart who was incredibly responsive and on the ball. First class support is something that I appreciate from any company and it shows without question that clients (no matter who they are) matter. Great job guys
  7. Thanks for the info Paul I'll go check that out
  8. I agree with this and would also like to see some padding options applied - this can be done manually, but it's a long winded way of executing the parameter having to go into source and adding it manually. I also believe there is a bug (possibly, it might just be me) but the float is not always applied when choosing alignment and also has to be manually applied.
    An amazing theme that really stands out. The support from RADStudios is outstanding - a few minor issues were sorted out in the blink of an eye. Installation was a breeze, customisation is comprehensive and if you want you dabble in the back door everything is easily accessible in one file. I really am well bowled over by both the theme and the support - looking forward to seeing what comes next. Very happy indeed.
  9. Hello, I have updated the Adrenaline theme with your fixes, you may download it again: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7751-adrenaline-gaming-theme/

    Thanks mate!

  10. Absolutely spot on - works perfectly; many thanks for the heads up on this.
  11. Things happen so fast on my server that I don't even see that pop-up even for a fraction of a second; mind you, there's only me on the site lol. This is obviously where the problem lies - another TBF. Thanks for showing this it sheds a lot of light onto an otherwise dark and frustrating issue.
  12. How bizarre my test forum is now blocking blogs from everyone except the owner of the blog - everything in the ACP appears to be correct, perhaps this is an anomaly. Does anyone else have this problem?
  13. It is frustrating when you don't see where the problem may lie - you appear to have all the settings correct and I've gone through as many of them as I can find and yours appear to be the same. If you get any joy at all let us know.