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  1. The login page is now using a CSRF key, so I guess this will make it impossible to automate the login.
  2. I notice that after editing some blog entries in my community, those entries were marked as unread for all users. I this supposed to happen, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. The KeepAlive issue can be "solved" editing the file "system/Output/Output.php", and removing the line "$this->sendHeader( "Connection: close" );". @Matt, is there any reason for IPS to disable the Keep Alive?
  4. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?
  5. I believe this is how IPB 3.x used to work. If you clink on the topic title, you will go to the first post. If you wanted to go to the new replies, you would have to click on the left bullet. If you wanted to go to the latest post, you would have to click on the date of the latest post.
  6. The problem is not just having the inbox full of emails. It is also the "costs" that community owners may have to support for sending the huge amount of emails that instant notifications may require. After switching to IPB, I had for the first time emails dropped because the hourly quota of my old hosting was exceeded. Using services such as Mandrill, this may have a significant impact on the monthly bill. Moreover, if we keep sending emails to people that do not visit the community, we increase the chances of having them marking the emails as spam. Good to hear
  7. Even if IPS does not provide the "final" solution for this problem, it could include similar functionalities to those provided by plugins or the tools Google suggested, which admins would customize to their needs.
  8. With this Google request, this is not just a problem for european communities anymore. So I guess there are new reasons for IPS to reconsider their position regarding this topic.
  9. You should probably be able to store those files on your own server.
  10. No, it's not like a new post. It takes much less space, particularly when the posts have one or two lines (which is likely to happen when two posts were created in a short period of time). And I assume it does not send a new notification, it does not increase post count, it does not show two entries in the activity stream, etc. Even though I think this is not a critical issue, a separator would be helpful to avoid some confusions.
  11. I got the same feeling after reporting BBCode bugs. rgf100 is right, this is not how it currently works in IPS. In this forum it is enough to disable Javascript to be able to post HTML (and to use tags the editor does not provide as buttons). You can also get around the limitation using the browser's developer tools, using C&P, etc. Thus, regular users do have HTML access. As far as I can tell, IPS correctly filter HTML posted in such ways, removing dangerous HTML. Therefore, I don't understand why we can't have a "source" button in the editor, and still limit the allowed HTML. If there are security issues, the people that knows such security issues will certainly also know these hacks to post HTML. On the other hand, not having such button to allow HTML input makes it more difficult for a regular user to get around the editor limitations.
  12. ​It's not exactly equivalent. A lot of people were already using links before, but the BBCode was more "abstract", and it would allow you to change the URL format of your community (or even change the domain) without getting broken links, for example. Unfortunately, it seems the trend is for IPB to move away from abstract markup to HTML, without understanding the downsides of the move. PS: And I think the link Morpheus NS provided discusses the removal of the posts numbers, which means people cannot refer to a post by its number. But this number has nothing to do with the post id. (Actually, I never liked to use post numbers because they change when we delete posts, which means they are not a reliable identifier.)
  13. ​I don't think that topic is related to the issue raised by AutoItScript. He is talking about the BBCode tags that we had in IPB 3.x.x to generate links to other posts and topics from their ids.
  14. Pressing the TAB key also takes me to outside the editor sometimes. Not sure this is a bug though.
  15. I agree that the post number may sometimes be an easy way to identify a post. However, those are a little bit "fragile" to be used as identifiers: if you hide/delete a post, the posts numbers won't refer to the correct post anymore. In any case, an easy way to copy the post ID could be useful. It shouldn't be difficult to change the "Share this post" modal to show this information though.