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  1. That's precisely my point. If you can already filter HTML to make it safe, why cannot we have a safe "Source" button in the editor that we can enable to all users? I agree that we also need a source button for admins that lets them use any HTML (which we already have). However, it would be useful if that button had a "safe" variant, which would enable the HTML filter, the profanity filter (as @The Dark Wizard requested), the URL filter, etc. You say "profanity is the least if your worries if you are allowing people to post raw HTML", but the other "worries" can also be solved. (And you are already solving them except when the "Source" button is available.)
  2. I just did it here: (You can see that I used the HTML tag "code", which is not available through the editor.) This example is even more interesting: (In this case I was able to use custom formatting through the "style" attribute.)
  3. As far as I know, you just need to disable Javascript to be able to use raw HTML in certain areas (using the browser developer tools is another option). So, even here you allow us to post raw HTML. I still don't understand why we can't have a "source" button in the editor that allows users to use raw HTML without compromising security.
  4. I don't know if there are still CDNs that are origin push only, but those would no be supported by IPS. In this particular case, the Google Cloud CDN imposes restrictions on the origin. Not sure whether Google Cloud Storage is among the acceptable origins, though.
  5. Try putting the following line in your "constants.php" file: define( 'BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE', 20 ); You can decrease the value "20", in case it is not working yet. In case it works, you can try to increase the value. (The default value is 500, I believe. I set it to "1", as IPS was sending emails too fast, and even after setting it to "1", I had to send bulk mails in multiple batches, based on registration date. Otherwise I would hit the limit rate for receiving emails at certain ISPs.)
  6. The login page is now using a CSRF key, so I guess this will make it impossible to automate the login.
  7. I notice that after editing some blog entries in my community, those entries were marked as unread for all users. I this supposed to happen, or am I doing something wrong?
  8. The KeepAlive issue can be "solved" editing the file "system/Output/Output.php", and removing the line "$this->sendHeader( "Connection: close" );". @Matt, is there any reason for IPS to disable the Keep Alive?
  9. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?
  10. I believe this is how IPB 3.x used to work. If you clink on the topic title, you will go to the first post. If you wanted to go to the new replies, you would have to click on the left bullet. If you wanted to go to the latest post, you would have to click on the date of the latest post.
  11. The problem is not just having the inbox full of emails. It is also the "costs" that community owners may have to support for sending the huge amount of emails that instant notifications may require. After switching to IPB, I had for the first time emails dropped because the hourly quota of my old hosting was exceeded. Using services such as Mandrill, this may have a significant impact on the monthly bill. Moreover, if we keep sending emails to people that do not visit the community, we increase the chances of having them marking the emails as spam. Good to hear
  12. Even if IPS does not provide the "final" solution for this problem, it could include similar functionalities to those provided by plugins or the tools Google suggested, which admins would customize to their needs.
  13. With this Google request, this is not just a problem for european communities anymore. So I guess there are new reasons for IPS to reconsider their position regarding this topic.
  14. You should probably be able to store those files on your own server.
  15. No, it's not like a new post. It takes much less space, particularly when the posts have one or two lines (which is likely to happen when two posts were created in a short period of time). And I assume it does not send a new notification, it does not increase post count, it does not show two entries in the activity stream, etc. Even though I think this is not a critical issue, a separator would be helpful to avoid some confusions.