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  1. I updated the way I sort videos, and I have alleviated this problem.
  2. Another question, the template, "Media System Listing Subcats Aggregator," doesn't follow the database rules for listing records. If you have the database set to display records alphabetically based on the title (Or as I have it, numerically, based on a extra field), the Subcats aggregator just grabs records and places them in the order it pulls them. Is there a way to have it follow the database rules, or to just add a rule to the template itself?
  3. Question is below, but first, some context: Could you explain this a little more and in layman's terms? I understand how to edit .css files, but I don't see a h2.mediaTicker_title in my stock or my custom skin's files. Where is it? Thanks!
  4. Is this app incompatible with RSS feeds from feedburner? I'm unable to get the images to display. I've deleted and reinstalled. Rechached and rebuilt. Still no dice. Apps pulls the feed, just no images. Anyone else have this issue with feedburner, or just me?
  5. IP Board 3.4.5 Downloads: 2.5.4 PHP Version 5.2.17 After install, I am unable to edit categories. Any ideas?
  6. Disregard. It was a setting on my end.
  7. Fresh install of skin and 3.4.5 and ad codes aren't displaying in header or footer, only side bar when using Firefox. Any ideas?
  8. Any headway on these two questions? Thanks!
  9. Another question (sorry!) Anyway to see on the main forum page if there are new posts under category mode? Currently you have to go into the subforum to view this. Anyway to change this?
  10. I've had a few ideas. If you're not familiar with the Featured Content mod, it basically pulls articles or new topics in from specified forum categories and puts them into a slider at the top of the page. It is similiar to the slider in Maxx but it only grabs the first picture and the title. There isn't a teaser paragraph. I don't mind hand jamming the info in, but what if you could rearrange the slide order in the ACP, or have a setting on slide 8 (the last slide) that's a check box to move it into position #1 when you save. This way if you use the slider for news and articles its easy to just keep adding instead of having to constantly re-arrange. Does that make sense?
  11. This didn't work for me.
  12. Nevermind, I am making headway, found this piece of code: Thanks for the skin. I'm sure I'll have one or two more questions before I got this all figured out.
  13. Is there any way to set up the slider to use a forum to draw content from like the mod "Featured Content?" Only being able to draw articles limits what I want to do with it. Also, when I use it to draw from the articles database of ipcontent, it automatically draws the low-res thumb for the picture. I wouldn't mind using "quick-start" and just manually updating, but you can't link content to the pictures in quick start which makes it useless for me. Any pointers? Or maybe an easy to read shell for manual with some tags for a php dummy? Thanks.
  14. Agree!!!!